Andrew Allison

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stand on his head and juggle ice-cream.

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2006 at 2:07 pm

Yes, believe it or not, if you go on to the 10 Downing Street website, you can petition the prime minister to do just that. At the time of writing, 1087 people have petitioned Tony and the good news is you have up until August 16 2007 to sign up. What on earth in the point of this petition section? Currently over 3000 people want the fox hunting act repealed. All of us know that is not going to happen. You can also e-mail Tony on the website, as if you are going to get a personal reply! A lot of the website is good; other parts are just a propaganda machine, telling us how much money Labour has spent making our lives better. New Labour; new ways to waste taxpayers money.

  1. A blogging buddy of mine has written much on the costs of E-Government. They basically pay thousands for what you or I would do for next to nothing.

    (PS would you be so kind as to add your blog to the directory at

  2. *runs over there*

    It’s not like he’s even going to look at these petitions anyway. Just another spin thing.

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