Andrew Allison

Campaigning in Goole

In Andy Percy, Goole, NHS on December 3, 2006 at 8:24 pm

Yesterday I had an excellent day in Goole. As part of the NHYes campaign, I accompanied Andy Percy, our candidate for Brigg and Goole, Martine Martin and Neil Cropper from Hull University CF and other activists and helped collect signatures for a petition against NHS cuts. I also met Timothy Kirkhope MEP, leader of the Conervatives’ in the European Parliament. Timothy joined us for the morning.

The response was great and many people we approached had no idea just how many cuts were happening to THEIR services. Goole is a Labour town, which made the response we got even more fantastic. When you talk to people, everyone has a tale about the NHS. Unfortunately today, many of the stories are not positive and that is largely due to the cuts Gordon Brown is making. I look forward to many more vists helping Andy win this seat for the Conservatives.

  1. Your assistance was certainly most welcome Andrew. I trust you got away OK.

    Pleased to hear you say this was one of many visits. We certainly appreciate the help here in Brigg and Goole. I am pleased to report that we had a team out today too so got lots more of those leaflets out!


    Andy P

  2. Some good stuff on this blog of late.

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