Andrew Allison

Augusto Pinochet

In Chile, Falkland's, Pinochet on December 11, 2006 at 6:26 pm

Pinochet may well have helped us in the Falkland’s conflict and although help is always appreciated and in many ways was critical the fact remains he was a nasty dictator who was responsible for the torture and death of his opponents. Baroness Thatcher must have the biggest pair of rose-tinted spectacles to view him as a friend. Just because someone helps you doesn’t mean you have to be eternally grateful and show a blind eye to mass murder.
He may have turned Chile around and made it the most successful economy in South America, however for those families who still mourn their loved ones who disappeared during the Pinochet years, no tears will be shed.
UPDATE: I was looking on The New York Times website and saw the healine, ‘Pinochet Passes, Chilean Bloggers React.’ Read about it here.
  1. The war against communism and hunger in Chile left aproximately 3000 dead.
    World war I and II, how many?
    US war versus terrorism, how many?
    Consider facts within context, please.

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