Andrew Allison

Are we bloggers the scourge of professional journalists?

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2007 at 5:51 pm

An interesting piece from Shout out Liverpool. With all the underhand techniques journalists use to get their story, I would have thought we raise the standard.

  1. Yes, I spotted that over on that site too. I haven’t have a chance to catch up with the story in today’s paper, must do that now.

  2. This is the big question, isn’t it, Andrew? Are we anything to the MSM?

    I’ll do the meme when I return on Wednesday, OK?

  3. James: I think some journalists dislike having their monopoly on the printed news taken away. As more people author and read blogs, more jounalists will get in on the act.

    I look forward to your return to blogging on Wednesday.

  4. Over the years, I have come to realise that Journalism isn’t about the shining sword of truth, it is about staying in business by making money. No-one would pay for a paper full only of adverts so there has to be bits in between…

    Every contact I have had with journalists over the years has resulted in outcomes somewhat divorced from the reality of how I percieved it- either over-simplified to convey a quick sound bite or distorted to fit an angle.

    Seasoned journalists outside of the investigative speciality will admit that they only ever have time to dip into the issues rather than fully understand the issues. However, that is what many readers want.

    What has really screwed up their world is the demise of the daily deadline. I occasionally buy a national rag to read and many of the stories I have already seen the headlines for in the previous 36 hours somewhere, either the BEEB or on blogs. I do enjoy dissecting the stories for the implied editorial slant though, including our biased Beeb.

  5. I agree Ian. That’s why I don’t buy a newspaper much these days. A lot of reporting is shallow and as you say, you have already seen the news on the TV or on blogs.

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