Andrew Allison

Ruth Kelly

In dyslexia, education, Ruth Kelly on January 8, 2007 at 3:43 pm

Elle Seymour has a very thoughtful piece on Ruth Kelly.

Dyslexia can completely destroy a child’s confidence. There are still teachers who don’t understand it and simply call a child thick or stupid. This happened to a friend and a friend’s son. It was only when it was detected and understanding teachers were brought in, that their self-confidence was raised.

Ruth Kelly has every right to get the best possible education for her child. I don’t dispute that. What I do want to know is why she has not and why she is not pushing this important educational provision in state schools through government. Every parent in her situation would love to send their child to this school. The problem is the £15000 you have to find. I hope this story has raised awareness of dyslexia and hopefully there will be more government money to help all children who suffer from it.

  1. An excellent post mirroring many of my own feelings on this matter. She had a chance to make a difference and blew it, going on to insult all those parents with children who have special needs who cannot afford £15k a year to send their kids anywhere other than State schools.

    She has every right to do what’s best for her children but as a minister it was her duty while working on education to do the best for ALL the nation’s children. x

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