Andrew Allison

Calling Planet Blair

In Blair, Cameron, Home Office on January 10, 2007 at 10:20 pm

After hearing the exchanges between Tony Blair and David Cameron today, I couldn’t help wonder what planet Blair is on. The Home Office is a massive, sprawling department, with so many responsibilities. When Cameron asked him on whether he agreed with Conservative policy on a having a minister – with cabinet rank – as a homeland security minister, Blair said no again.

When it is suits him, the PM can’t stop talking about security issues. If it is so important, why not have a cabinet minister responsible for it? It would ease the Home Secretary’s workload and – you never know – might help in getting the Home Office fit for purpose again.

If Blair is serious about homeland security and sorting the Home Office out, then why does he not do something practical?

  1. With all due respect, Blair could hardly do that, given the nature of Westminster politics, which I dislike for its suppression of talent. He was duty bound to take an adversarial role here.

  2. I take your point James, but on matters of national security, we are – by and large – bi-partisan. What I can’t work out is why Tony Blair didn’t appoint a Minister for Homeland Security in the first place. He would not have had any opposition.

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