Andrew Allison

Education lottery

In education, labour on January 11, 2007 at 7:28 pm

Bel has written about Labour’s proposed changes. Read it here.

This is another example of how New Labour, revert very much to just plain old Labour, the longer they are in power.

  1. Andrew, I often have great difficulty getting to your blog, it comes up as hypertext. This is the third time I have tried this evening, I succeeded via Bel, but could not from my page. Very strange, I’m not sure if others are having problems.

  2. Thanks for that Ellee. You are the first to mention it, but if anyone else is having problems, please tell me.

  3. Which is not for very much longer. And Ellee – I find this strange becasue I’m usually the one with blockages but Andrew’s site comes up quickly each time.

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