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Back to blogging!

In Blogpower, James Higham, Tom Paine on January 18, 2007 at 6:58 pm

I can’t say I am feeling 100%, but I miss blogging and tonight is the first time in a few days I have felt like saying anything.

This time of year is never good for me. I suffer from SAD. I hate the dark nights with a vengeance. My body does not seem to be able to cope with darkness at around 4.00pm. Couple that with my IBS flaring up, quite a bit of emotional stress, and trying to work full-time with – on average – about 2-4 hours sleep a night, you can probably understand why I have been feeling ‘under the weather.’ Physical and mental exhaustion doesn’t begin to tell the tale.

I have been thinking these past few days though and I was wondering what makes us blog? Is it an ego trip? Do we feel we can make a difference? Do we have other ambitions?

For me it is simple. I love writing. I always have. My mother – who is very articulate – still asks me to write letters for her to government departments and the local council, as I seem to write the letter in a few minutes. She also gives me that ‘look’ when I rearrange everything she has written down on a draft. Words fascinate me. My favourite word in the English Language is ‘serendipity.’ It has such a ring to it. If anyone says we don’t have a beautiful language – send them to me. I will soon show them the error of their ways.

I also – in common with all bloggers – like to express my views on any issue I think is important. What I think the blogosphere will do over the years is bring a different perspective on the major issues of the day to a very wide audience. I don’t know whether we in the UK will have the power of some of the US blogs, but I genuinely want us to. There was a time when the only political comments were in the newspapers and on television news. Not anymore. I usually pick up more news from reading fellow blogs, than from ‘The Times’ or the BBC.

Moving on; James Higham has been given too much stress over the past three weeks. He set up Blogpower in the interests of all small bloggers. He has now reported on how we should proceed. Tom Paine has described as the headmaster, and he is certainly sounding like one at the moment. This is not a bad thing. Those of us in Blogpower should all start to ‘play by the rules.’ The hits to my blog have increased dramatically since I joined this confederation. I have only been blogging for about ten weeks, but the response I get is fantastic and makes me want to write again. James has some great ways of moving this confederation forward and we should, firstly, thank him for what he has done so far, and, secondly, try to make it work now – and in the future – for all Blogpower bloggers. I hate to use the left-wing mantra of ‘United we stand; divided we fall’, but I just have, although as a child the first time I heard that expression was in a Laurel and Hardy ‘short.’

The next thing I want to talk about, are those who influence us and encourage us. I know someone in Ohio, USA. I have never met her personally – as she is a friend of a friend – but she has been influential to me. Ret Bailey was a copy editor, and she had a look at some of my writing in the past. She corrected it, but always said it was her personal preferences – nothing wrong with my writing. She has encouraged me and given me so much praise over the last three years. She has been an inspiration to me and I thank her very much.

I am sure we all have people like that in our lives who have encouraged us to write and express ourselves. I have singled out Ret; but there have been many others too. All of you know how much I defend our rights to freedom of expression and speech. It’s not just because I think they are now in danger in the UK at the heart of government. No. It is because everyone is born equal under God. Everyone counts. I want as many people as possible to express their opinions and make me think. Blogging is the epitome of everything I believe to be true.

  1. Sympathies- I am not good in the winter months either.

  2. Hope you get stronger and stronger and our thoughts are with you. Good luck.

  3. I also blog because I enjoy writing, although I’m sure that no novels lurk within- just a number of mostly light technical articles.

  4. Welcome back and this is a great post. I, too, love writing and that is the main reason why I blog. It also gives me the discipline I need to write something every day and I have met some wonderful people through blogging. I think blogging will make the “little people” much more important in the future. I agree with everything you say about Blogpower and how much we all owe to dear James. Hope you continue to feel better.

  5. Dear Andrew,

    Sorry to hear you’re not doing well. Coming from a hot, sunny climate I also have SAD issues. Awful isn’t it. Do a google on holosync solution – I’ve been doing it now for 2 months and it is helping me. Just a thought.


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