Andrew Allison

Giuliani for 2008!

In Democrat, Republican, US president on February 5, 2007 at 11:43 pm

So, Rudolph Giuliani has finally put his hat in the ring for the 2008 Republican nomination. I think this will be a two horse race; between McCain and Giuliani. I still want McCain, as I have said in a previous post, but the fight will be a tough one. They are two strong men. Hopefully, either one of them will beat the Democrats. The Democrats do not have a worthwhile candidate at the moment. If they choose Hilary, they will lose. She has too much baggage and she is not popular with the American people. The other candidates are either not known or are gaffe prone. Time will tell though.

  1. I don’t know Andrew, you could be wrong on this one. Giuliani has way more baggage than HC. And his kind of baggage is the kind that gets right up the noses of the Far Right Christians and they are who you need to win as a Republican. Messy divorces, ‘highly inappropriate behavior’ it all doesn’t play well in the Midwest. And don’t let the polls fool you HC is more popular than The Big Boys would have us believe. The insurance companies will stop at nothing to keep her out as they know her health plans will knobble them once and for all. That’s her big worry but I for one wish her well.

  2. Some good points there, Morag, and I had thought about them.

    Firstly, I think John McCain will get the Republican nomination. He has been divorced, but that was not long after he came back from Vietnam, after being a POW for many years. Giuliani has got tremendous baggage and you are right – it does not go down well with the Christian Right. He may have redeemed himself with his handling of the aftermath of 9/11, but I go back to a previous post where there is a feeling in America that he is New York’s man and not neccesarily America’s man.

    With regard to HC, I am basing some of my opinions from talking to American friends, most of whom are Democrat. There are many women – so I am led to beleive – who say they will never vote for her. Things may change though.

  3. As McCain desperately continues his search for votes from the Republican right the former straddling of both parties, which might have put him in an unbeatable position (despite his age in 2008), and which made him a potential Kerry running mate, is no longer a bonus factor. Whilst, therefore, I would feel that he is the current Republican favourite it would be way off the mark to argue that “2 strong men”, bearing in mind Giuliani’s history, could beat a party that does not have a “worthwhile” candidate – Clinton? Obama? Edwards?

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