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Knocking on doors again.

In Conservatives, elections on March 29, 2007 at 9:51 pm

I have been out canvassing tonight, and it was one of those evenings where you think you didn’t get anywhere. There were some extra Conservative votes, but there were some lost votes as well. I did get the general feeling of disillusionment in politics and Great Britain. People think this country has gone to the dogs, and I can’t blame them. What we have to do is put pride back in to our communities and make Great Britain GREAT again. I really do think that is an important theme in this election. What is more important, is getting our vote out. The two are linked together like Siamese twins.

Local elections – May 3 2007

In Andy Percy, Conservatives, East Riding, elections, Martine Martin on March 27, 2007 at 6:27 pm

Five weeks on Thursday – May 3 – is the date of the local elections. Now that we have ‘sprung forward’ with our clocks, things are starting to get busier. Last night I was out canvassing and got some positive responses from the doorstep. Most people, however, have not really thought about the election. That is completely understandable. When the daylight ebbs away at an early point in the evening, you do not think of the lighter nights in May. This is changing now.

We were canvassing in the Cottingham South ward last night. Cottingham South – in the East Riding of Yorkshire – currently has two Lib-Dem councillors and there is a good chance the ward can become ‘blue’ this May. Click HERE for a full list of results from the last election. You will see how close it was in Cottingham South. Of course it requires a lot of work, but any Tory activist worth their salt will work to get rid of two Lib-Dems! Helen Green – one of our candidates – fed us last night too. It was an enjoyable evening, eating a home made lasagna. It is so nice to be waited on every now and again. Andy Percy – councillor on Hull City Council and candidate for Brigg and Goole – joined us too. He joined us after we had canvassed, as he was hard at work printing leaflets for the campaign, but he did say the offer of some food was too much to pass by!

If we can win this ward and Willerby and Kirk Ella, we stand a good chance of gaining control of the East Riding Council. I’m sure you can see where my efforts will be focused over the next five weeks. I will – given time – keep you all updated on what is happening. I hope to give you a video diary too, if I can get my head around the technology. This is where Martine Martin comes in.

I will let you all in to a little secret. Martine said to me a few months ago; if I teach her how to cook, she will teach me all these technical, computer things. Well Martine, you’re on! I think I am going to need your help.

I would like to keep a video diary though, and when we get all our new Conservative councillors, I will give them a copy of the last five weeks of the campaign. It will be a great memento – I hope. That all depends on my video editing skills. As you can see I will be kept very busy.

I have said this before and I will say it again. If anyone out there in Hull and East Yorkshire would like to get involved, PLEASE contact me. The more, the merrier. We can always do with more help.

Campaigning in East Yorkshire

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I was out leafleting yesterday in Cottingham and Dunswell. It was a cold, grey and depressing day. The typical East Yorkshire wind was out in force. What a lazy wind it is. Today, I’m not out leafleting and what happens? The sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view… I won’t go on with the lines of that song, but you get the idea. The temperature is 11C and of course we will have daylight until after 7.00pm.

Extra daylight is – of course – good news. Mrs Jones doesn’t want to open her door to strangers when it is dark outside. So now we can get out and knock on doors and hopefully get some more Conservative councillors. I too am standing for election in my ward in Hull. There’s no chance of me getting elected this time around, but over the next two or three years we are hoping to build up the Conservative base in the ward. It was an area the Lib-Dems hijacked as soon as the estate was being built around 8 years ago. When I moved in here 6 years ago, regular Lib-Dem literature would come through my letterbox, and this is why it is such a strong ward for them. It could just as easily be Tory though. So watch this space, although you will be watching for a very long time; probably 4 years and beyond. If you want Conservative councillors, you have to work hard to get them. This is what we are doing here in East Yorkshire. All help gratefully received.

Super Casino

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ConservativeHome is a wonderful resource. You can find out everything Tory at the touch of a button and without it I for one would be nowhere near as informed as I am. Okay, advertisement over.

So, as you may have already guessed, I have just got this story from ConservativeHome. I have never really understood why Labour support ‘Super Casinos.’ They on one hand warn us of the dangers of gambling, and on the other, allow new casinos to be opened all over the country.

They warn us of the dangers of ‘binge drinking’, then allow our pubs and bars to open around the clock. This really is a government of the most staggering double standards.

It’s good to see that David Cameron has put a three line whip out, and is determined that the Conservatives oppose the new casino in Manchester. I wonder how many Labour MPs will walk through the ‘no’ lobby?

Ann Widdecombe speaks her mind.

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I have just seen this link on Conservative Home.

Once again Ann Widdecombe lightens up a debate with her insight. The line I like the best is: So anybody imagining that it makes a jot of difference if Mrs Bloggs replaces her lightbulbs with low energy ones might just as well throw a sugar cube in Loch Ness and claim a serious contribution has been made to sweetening the water.

What more can I say?

Views from across the pond

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Following up from my post yesterday, I can announce that MediaLizzy will be dropping by from time to time and giving us her views from the United States.

I like the idea of opening up my blog and getting different views, particularly from the US. So, I give her a warm welcome and look forward to hearing what she has to say.

An evening at school

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Before I go off in to the land of nod – as I have to be up early in the morning, which does not lie well with me on a Saturday, I just want to tell you all about my evening.

I am a recent governor at Kelvin Hall School in Hull. Tonight we were celebrating, as the school has received International School Status for the third time. We have links in France, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Sierra Leone and many other places. Although the school is a specialist science college, there is also a very strong emphasis on modern languages, which quite naturally fits in with the links we have around the world.

I have never been a fan of John Prescott, but I must give credit, where credit is due. He used a PowerPoint presentation to tell us of his visit to our partner school in Sierra Leone and gave a good and witty speech.

The pupils told us of their experiences visiting different countries; did an international rap song, as well as a Chinese dance. They were great, and Mr Prescott really praised them. So good on him for that.

I also met my Labour MP – Diana Johnson – for the first time. She doesn’t know my political views and tonight was not a night for politics, although I did get my views across on House of Lords reform!

Too many people criticise our young people. Tonight showed me what a talented bunch of kids we have in this country and well mannered too. When I left the school with another governor, there were a few pupils outside the main entrance. One of the boys said, ‘Goodnight sirs.’ There are many young people who still have good manners and respect for others. We should never loose sight of that.

The US perspective

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2007 at 11:15 pm

For anyone who wants to read views from the right from the US, I recommend this site. Media Lizzy gives good and detailed analysis from that side of the pond. I too am doing some writing there. So check it out.

Tories step up hunt for defectors

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I just got this from the BBC website. I don’t really like this sort of thing. Call me old fashioned, but if I voted Lib-Dem and the Lib-Dem candidate was elected, I don’t think I would be very happy if I suddenly had a Tory MP.

I know we have to live in the real world and a couple of defections from Labour in particular would be fantastic for us politically, but I still think it is up to those MPs who want to defect to make overtones to us.

If I look in to my crystal ball, I can foresee some defections in the future, but not now. I don’t think there is a MP who would defect to the Conservatives until we have firm policies. This October the party conference will debate those policies and I hope we will then have something firm to offer the electorate.

The great budget con.

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You have to hand it to Gordon Brown. I am sure he is a member of the magic circle. His sleight-of-hand abilities are as great as anyone.

My National Insurance is going up, the 10% starting rate of income tax is abolished, but the basic rate is going to be cut. What gets the headlines? The basic rate cut, of course. But what does this mean to me? According to my calculations; I am worse off. Now there’s a surprise, as this has been the case in every Brown budget.

This budget has just made the tax system more complicated once again. Another typical Brown budget. This man just loves to tinker and meddle, giving in one hand and taking away with the other. If you are single and/or run a small business you are worse off. If you are on a low income, you will now start paying income tax at 20%, not 10%. So you are worse off.

I can only hope the electorate will see what this control freak is trying to do. He is trying to con you in to thinking you are paying less and in the process tax you more.