Andrew Allison

Patrick Mercer

In Uncategorized on March 8, 2007 at 7:21 pm

Is Patrick Mercer a racist? I don’t think so, but as a front-bench spokesman, he should have chosen his words more carefully. If he had just said, that was what army life was like then, however it was unacceptable and things have now changed and moved on, he would have been alright. I know things are very different in the army now. Any form of bullying is not acceptable, and the army goes to great lengths to prevent it. It has many procedures in place and soldiers are encouraged to report anyone who is bullying them
Never mind. Mr Mercer will have plenty of time to muse over his remarks when he has a little more time to kill on the backbenches. This was the last thing the Conservative Party needed at this time. This is a lesson on the importance of engaging your brain before opening your mouth.
  1. I don’t think Patrick meant to be racist, but his words were unfortunate, who hasn’t had an insult hurled at them for different reasons which could be deemed inappropriate for various policially correct reasons.

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