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Climate Change

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2007 at 9:42 pm

My views on our ‘carbon footprint’ are there for everyone to see. Read it here and here. Watching George Osborne on the television today made me look at the ‘Register of MPs interests.’ This is part of his entry.

Overseas visits
8-18 June 2006, to Canada and the United States. I attended a Bilderberg Conference in Ottawa 8-11 June, for which my hotel bill and a contribution to the cost of my flights was paid by the Canadian sponsors of the Conference. Between 15-18 June I attended the AEI World Forum, Beaver Creek, Colorado, who paid for my hotel and airport transfers. I paid for all my other expenses and travel. (Registered 8 July 2006)
30 August-3 September 2006, to Japan, to meet government and business leaders. Flights, transport and accommodation provided by Central Japan Railways Co. (Registered 10 October 2006)
4-7 September 2006, to India. Flight from Japan to India paid for by Central Japan Railways Co. Private jet from Mumbai Airport to Pune Airport, and return to Mumbai, provided by JCB. Private jet from Mumbai to Delhi, and from Delhi to London Heathrow, provided by Michael Spencer. (Accommodation provided by the Conservative Party for one night and by the British High Commissioner for two nights.) (Registered 10 October 2006)

Private jets, contributions or everything paid for by someone else. I am not trying to single out Mr Osborne – although he is the one today who is lecturing me. Every senior politician can boast a similar ‘carbon footprint.’ They all go on conferences and visits paid by someone else. Well, I do not have the luxury of travelling by private jets in India. I make occasional visits to the US, but the rest of my air travel is within Europe. If I want to go for a long weekend to Paris, I do not need a lecture on my ‘carbon footprint’ from Mr Osborne.

This is a party political broadcast from those of us in the Conservative Party who understand that the world was hotter in medieval times and then it got colder and now it is warming up again.


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