Andrew Allison

They are all at it now.

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2007 at 1:24 am

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the greenest of them all? That’s what it seems like after David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Ming Campbell have been out proving their ‘green’ credentials.

I watched ‘The Great Climate Change Swindle’ tonight, and that confirmed what I already thought. Climate change is a natural phenomenon, and there are many eminent scientists ready to back that theory up. There are more CO2 emissions from the world’s oceans than from anything we put in to the atmosphere. It is only when the temperature of the earth rises that CO2 rises. There is no link between climate change and CO2, but you are supposed to feel guilty every time you get in to your car or jump on-board an aeroplane. The environmentalists have hijacked this subject with dodgy science; lobbied and lobbied, and we are now in a position where you are seen as a freak if you do not believe their theories. No wonder many scientists across the world are annoyed. But many of those scientists are afraid to speak out, as their funding on other projects may be cut.

One of these days politicians will realise it is a con, although then they will have to come up with more new and imaginative ways of taxing us.

  1. I agree, AA. “Ordinary” people who use hardly anything are being made to feel it’s all their fault and we all know that diplomats, politicians and some businessmen will continue to find a way to fly all the time.

  2. Andrew, I’m guessing that you might not think George Monbiot an entirely sound source, but he does do quite a good job here on the research – and methods – used to prop up C4’s programme. “Dodgy science” indeed. Also, I trust you’re not forgetting that C4 have been known to enjoy stoking the odd controversy..?

    WCL, I agree with the point you make, but if we do accept there are problems ahead, we’ll just have to bypass the elite and act ourselves.

  3. And note the colour of my site and header. I promise it was not motivated by ‘green’ but by ‘summer’.

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