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University squeeze on the children of graduates.

In Uncategorized on March 16, 2007 at 4:21 pm

Last September, Martine Martin, posted an article on ConservativeHome, explaining why she is a Tory. If you have not read it, do so now. Click here.

Like Martine, I was brought up in a Labour household, and like her it has been experience that made me a Conservative.

You can therefore imagine my thoughts when I looked at the front page of ‘The Times’ today. Here is the scenario. You work hard and become the first person in your family to go to University. You graduate, get and job and continue to work hard in your chosen career. In the meantime, you get married and have children. You and your spouse encourage your children in every way possible in their studies. They get good GCSE passes and they are now studying for their ‘A’ Levels, and they are now filling in a UCAS application. UCAS want to know about your family background and if you went to university. You child answers yes, and immediately they are discriminated against because you worked hard.

This scenario is not ‘Alice in Wonderland’ stuff. This will happen and of course this Labour government thinks it’s a great idea. They scrap the assisted places scheme, put tens of thousands of university students in to greater debt and now want to discriminate against bright kids just because their parents went to university.

Yesterday we heard how much the government think the Olympics will cost. I bet by 2012 it will be more like £20 billion. They will cream off 20% of the lottery money available to fund it, but they cannot fund higher education properly.

When Tony Blair came out with his famous mantra, education, education, education, what he really meant to say was, discrimination, discrimination, discrimination and debt, debt, debt. All of this comes from a man who had a privileged education. While he has ‘freebie’ holidays around the world as guests of the famous and infamous, he is quite happy to discriminate against hard working families. But don’t think it will be any better under Brown. No, things will get worse.

  1. Very true. And it’s very depressing to think about the pile of debt awaiting my generation.

  2. Both Karen and I are children of unambitious working class parents. I did a College Diploma because I was too busy doing S&D&R&R to pass my A levels. (I’ve since done post-grad management diplomas).

    Karen left school at 16 to become a phone engineer but BT persuaded her to go to University a couple of years later because of her potential.

    So, David’s parents have one degree between them. Will he be penalised? After all, you can’t legislate for green eyed monster stuff and have to apply unfairness fairly.

  3. Nice post. I was brought up in a “conservative” household but my Dad had come there from communism [which was not that unusual given the times he had lived through.] So I started out as a little Tory, then got very left-wing. What the Tories did to the public services in the 80s got to me. Yet now I find myself “creeping back” as I do hate the hypocrisy of this government. It seems to me that you are always punished for working hard, whichever government is in. And you are always, always, punished for being single. So if I were in the Uk now – and I say this with shame – I don’t think I’d vote.

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