Andrew Allison

Local elections – May 3 2007

In Andy Percy, Conservatives, East Riding, elections, Martine Martin on March 27, 2007 at 6:27 pm

Five weeks on Thursday – May 3 – is the date of the local elections. Now that we have ‘sprung forward’ with our clocks, things are starting to get busier. Last night I was out canvassing and got some positive responses from the doorstep. Most people, however, have not really thought about the election. That is completely understandable. When the daylight ebbs away at an early point in the evening, you do not think of the lighter nights in May. This is changing now.

We were canvassing in the Cottingham South ward last night. Cottingham South – in the East Riding of Yorkshire – currently has two Lib-Dem councillors and there is a good chance the ward can become ‘blue’ this May. Click HERE for a full list of results from the last election. You will see how close it was in Cottingham South. Of course it requires a lot of work, but any Tory activist worth their salt will work to get rid of two Lib-Dems! Helen Green – one of our candidates – fed us last night too. It was an enjoyable evening, eating a home made lasagna. It is so nice to be waited on every now and again. Andy Percy – councillor on Hull City Council and candidate for Brigg and Goole – joined us too. He joined us after we had canvassed, as he was hard at work printing leaflets for the campaign, but he did say the offer of some food was too much to pass by!

If we can win this ward and Willerby and Kirk Ella, we stand a good chance of gaining control of the East Riding Council. I’m sure you can see where my efforts will be focused over the next five weeks. I will – given time – keep you all updated on what is happening. I hope to give you a video diary too, if I can get my head around the technology. This is where Martine Martin comes in.

I will let you all in to a little secret. Martine said to me a few months ago; if I teach her how to cook, she will teach me all these technical, computer things. Well Martine, you’re on! I think I am going to need your help.

I would like to keep a video diary though, and when we get all our new Conservative councillors, I will give them a copy of the last five weeks of the campaign. It will be a great memento – I hope. That all depends on my video editing skills. As you can see I will be kept very busy.

I have said this before and I will say it again. If anyone out there in Hull and East Yorkshire would like to get involved, PLEASE contact me. The more, the merrier. We can always do with more help.

  1. I’m not a Tory, AA – not anything. But I have come to the conclusion that you might as well vote for a nice, decent, honourable man – or woman – [honour seems to be a forgotten virtue in today’s society and I reckon we could do with some of it] and so I wish you all luck there. I think a video diary would be fascinating.

  2. Very best of luck Andrew. Things further south are promising too…

  3. Cheers for all your help thus far Andrew. As you know I am run ragged at the moment with all these elections so it really is appreciated having a dedicated and dependable chap like yourself out working for us.


    Andy Percy

  4. Look forward to the videoblogging. It’s something I would quite like to do as well.

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