Andrew Allison

Things are better? Pull the other one

In Blair, Brown, labour on May 10, 2007 at 11:39 am

I am just watching Tony Blair’s departure from Trimdon Labour Club. If I had returned to Britain from a desert island and happened to watch these scenes and listen to Mr Blair’s speech, I would be excited. Britain must be a fantastic place to live in these days. Unfortunately, I have not been on that desert island and we all know the realities of the previous ten years.

What Labour forgets, as it dismisses the Thatcher years, is that if it was not for her, things far from being better, would be a hell of a lot worse. I am proud to be British and I know the people of these islands are special. It is where my heart it. So why are so many of our citizens escaping this country in their droves? Why do I know so many people who cannot face retirement in Britain and are moving to France? Britain is less British now than it was ten years ago. Our freedoms are being constantly eroded. Thousands of new offences on the statute book. The Home Office in an utter mess. Our young people being put in to crippling debt if they want a university education. The NHS in crisis. Nurses qualifying and then being told there isn’t a job for them. Junior doctor’s revolting in their masses.

This has been a sleazy, corrupt government. They have wasted every mandate they received and things will only get worse under Gordon Brown, not better.


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