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Sana Ali

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This is the picture of Sana Ali. She was just seventeen years old and expecting her first child. Sana was repeatedly stabbed in her home in Bury, Greater Manchester two days ago. Her sister-in-law found her body in a pool of blood. What motivates someone to do something like? It beats all of us, but the police have released pictures today to help with the case. To read the latest developments click here.

Photo: Sky News

  1. More sad news Andrew, it seems that’s all there is now. 17 and pregnant, let’s hope they catch the sick b*stard that did this.

  2. What odd timing, I just met a woman on Sunday named Mira who is an former Muslim.

    She talked about how her sister was murdered by her husband– HERE, in the U.S, not in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan–for questioning her allegiance to Islam and supposedly bringing dishonor to her family.

    It is appalling. Islam is not kind to its women.

  3. i m very sorry for the girl ,but i wud like 2 say dat islam has nothing 2 do wid it,it may have other reasons behind it , and islam teaches us 2 respect women and i m sure da this murder is not comitted by any muslim…..

  4. I disagree with you Usman – this sounds very much like and honour thing to me. How do I know? I am a muslim woman who managed to leave home without being hurt – thankfully! But it was not an easy thing to have come through. I hope they catch the persons who did this and give a clear message to people who think similarly – this is unacceptable in an place – and that life is sacred regardless of which religion you follow.

  5. While i didnt want the intention of this post to become political (such a tragic case – i was googling for updates when i stumbled on this blog) i cant help but laugh at Ruthie’s comment:

    >> Islam is not kind to its women.

    tts actually mentalities that are to blame for people causing such despicable acts like the subject of this entry. and your opinion that islam is not ‘kind’ to its women is not only misguided and shows a somewhat ignorant take on Islam, its also slightly offensive to muslim women – i.e female followers of Islam like myself who know teachings of Islam to be on the contrary. but hey – who am i to argue..i’m just a muslim?


  7. I Am very upset to hear about Sana because she was a friend of mine a long time back but ruthie i think this has nothing at all to do with muslims or islam just because a muslim is a victim . What would you know about how islam treats women you wouldnt im sure you have done NO research at all but are talking out of your backside thinking this has something to do with islam because a muslim has been killed.This has nothing to do with religions if a christian was killed you wouldnt say the same or would you ?


  8. shahareen

    my sister and mother knew sana as well. Infact she visited us quite a few times with her mother and her sister (the husband of the Sana) and i’ve known her husband and his family since 1994. That is a long time.

    I saw her husband two nights ago at Cheetham Hill Mosque. He was genuinely very upset and so was his father about the whole incident.

    What people don’t know is that this family wouldn’t hurt a fly. I do know families where the honour thing does happen.

    But this family is different, we are in contact with the family at this time and I feel sorry for Mr Ali.

    I’m hoping they catch the sick person who did this.


  9. This incident has shocked us all….whoever has done it…i hope that sicko gets the kicking he/she deserves.

  10. >> Am very upset to hear about Sana because she was a friend of mine a long time back

    a ‘long time ago’ meaning in the last 5 years presumably?

    >>What people don’t know is that this family wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    so who did it..surely the family would know if an intruder had got in – and there appears to be no sign of a break in? perhaps a personal rage drove the hubby to directly ruin 3 lives and affect so many others ?

  11. If this double murder was commited because the sick person who commited it thought they were preserving some sort of family honour, Islam has NOTHING to do with it. So called ‘honour killings’ (which are anything but) are a cultural thing, murder is STRONGLY CONDEMNED in Islam, whatever the reason. RIP Sana, May Allah have mercy on her soul

  12. i think its the husband and the other woman who killed her. this is nothing to do with islam, i bet the husband is involed with the woman

  13. I really have to stick by my original assertion. I live and work with Muslims every day. I have dozens of Muslim friends.

    I’m not pulling this out of thin air.

  14. Regarding Ruthie’s quote on tuesday 15th and thursday 17th May.
    So what if you work with muslims, doesnt mean you know them!!
    It is quite clear that you dont have the first clue as to how and what Islam taches its followers.

    If you do take time out and research you will find that Islam is one of the peacefullest religions there is which demotes violence and anger. But obviously you wouldnt know that as clearly you dont have a clue!

    Yes, recently alot of muslims have been caught in ‘terror’ attacks that does not mean the whole of the muslim population is like that.

    Think before you speak – or write.

  15. Ruthie, I find your view of Muslim women to be a very stereotypical one. If you had the slightest bit knowledge about Islam you would know that Islam gives more rights and respect to women than any other religion. For instance, Muslim women have been given the right to vote for centuries, this is something British women were only given in the 19th Century. I knew Sana very well and know for certain that she would never dishonour her family, thus Sana’s death could not possibly be an honour killing. I think what your doing is, quite simply, making a sweeping statement.

  16. Killing of the innocent is comletely against Muslim beliefs. It is a major sin in Islam and no man has the right to do this to any woman. People whose culture or mentality gets in the way of their religion may think it is acceptable but when this is he case they can no longer be classed as a being Muslim’s. I hope the cruel killers that commited this terrible crime are brought to justice. Rest in peace Sana.

  17. I’m very very confident that it certainly wasn’t the husband.

    All I will say is “A woman scorned…..” Mark my words, the truth will prevail and the bloodied hands of the sick culprit will be revealed very soon!


  19. As a muslim i get so angry at people linking Honour killing with Islam. Honour killing is something that happens in certain cultures. To find this out do your research and you will find that it doesnt happen in the majority of muslim countries. It only happens in 1 or 2 countries who its a tradition thats been around for some time now.

    Having said that, Honour killings is also common among several African tribes. And how many stories have you heard of people (western) killing for their mistress or just because they have an affair. Its something that is common but if it happens to Islam its all over the news.

    I bet this story will end up not be an honour killing but you wont hear that in the news as much you did when it first happened. At that time the damage will already have happened.

    Given the age of the husband i doubt he is involved in this because honour killing usually happen with people from the old generation.

  20. I hope she gets whats coming because its destroyed the family.

    I know because i have just come back from their sisters home on the other side of town where this occurred.

    Sofia, i known the husband and his family since 1994 (i grew up with them. played football). I have never seen him or any of his family angry.

    I doubt they could have done it. The family didnt know because Sair had gone to Mosque in Cheetham Hill to pray (he has witnesses who have no reason to lie). His Toyota car was clocked on the motorway camera’s and his sister was stayin at their elder sisters home. Therefore, at this moment in time the family knew nothing.

    Miss Sanghera on the other hand .. I hope she realises how many people she’s hurt.

  21. Its funny how as soon as the words muslim girl dead everyone jumped to conclusions and put Islam on trial now it turns out a girl who is not even muslim and not even part of the family is arrested for murder. We don’t go around saying Christian man dead or christian killed if someone does something out of pure craziness you can’t blame the whole religious structure they claim to follow! Plenty of non muslims kill out there, look at all those paedophiles but their religion isn’t brought into it.I haven’t read anywear sikh girl charged with murder of muslim girl but thats whats happened!I’m fed up with all the anti-islamic propaganda, there are 2billion muslims out there and yes some are a bit screwed in the head stop being so bloody ignorant and typecasting all muslims.

  22. I was so saddned to hear the news about Sana, i dont even kno her or her family, (but as the human mind works) as soon as i saw the news headlines I straightaway assumed that the family (husband) had summat to do wiv it, but obviously seeing the news 2day it is a sikh girl who has committed this horific crime for whicch i think she shud be severly punished. But where is the connection? how did this happen? no forced entry so how did this Harmohinder get into the house? some1 knows sumat apart from ths sikh girl and i mean sum1 from the family, i pray to allah that justice is don to Sana and her unborn child – nobody has the right to take sum1z life, especially an unborn child.

  23. I’ve known Sair (Sana’s husband) for over five years and have met his parents on a number of occasions.

    In all of the time I’ve known him, I can honestly say that he has always been honest and peace-loving. I do not believe that he could or would do such a horrific crime.

    Our thoughts should be with Sana and her family at this time rather than speculating on who did it and why. A young girl has died and her unborn baby has had its life taken away. We should remember that before we make comments that we cannot back up.

  24. Just wondering what this ‘woman scorned’s connection is Sana’s family.

    I’m glad this situation is moving further away from Islam. Rest In Peace Sana.

  25. Glad to know the culprit is being remanded and that Sana will soon get justice.

    This 22-year old woman arressted, what connection did she have with Sana or even Sair?

  26. i am realy sad 2 hear diz hu iz dat 22 yr old lADY DA SIK BIACH MAY U ROT IN HELL RIP SANA XX

  27. i know the girl who has been arrested and she is sikh. this has nothing to do with islam or honour killings (glad to know). its a lot more deeper.

    i am sure it will come out quite soon and surprise many. just glad it has nothing to do with islam though

  28. the girl (mindy) arrested is from brimingham, solihull. there was something going on between her and saif and thats why how mindy is connected to the crime. things will become clearer later

    Rest in peace Sana, a completely innocent person killed

  29. I know mindy and i think we should not jump to conclusions about what happened. to do something like this her mental state must have been bad.

    I hope Sani Ali’s family are coping and i pray that they can move on from this tragedy.

  30. This was the biggest setup, thankfully their is no FORENSIC evidence on Mindy so she will be bailed, Tell you wot thou Saif is one clever geezer in setting her up like that

  31. Sound like this girl got caught in the ”web”

    All Sikhs and Hindu girls should be warned…

  32. Wow, interesting posts, only thing i see that does not match…

    this Saif if something is gonig on between him and the sikh girl??? and he goes to the mosque and call himself a good muslim?

    And this girl was silly enough to be it that house?

    Does anybody know if this is going onto a trial?

    also why is everyone saying ther is more to come out… why dont they just say it?!?! propoganda? mmm

    well hope more post come think this could be a very interesting case, yes my heart does go out to Sana’s Family. Due to the brutalaity (did i spell that right?) of the incident I’m sure forsenics will find the guilty person

  33. thats not necessarily fair to say she was set up. she was in love with the guy probably, but he was married and she should just accept that, not go and murder the married woman. but also, saif was wrong too, he was probably messing her aorund and not being clear with her (im speculating from what i’ve heard).

    but at end of the day, if she murdered the innocent 17 year old (who probably had no idea about what her husband was up to) then that is completely wrong and nobody can defend her.

    for the murder to have been described as ‘very violent’ there was some motive and its not just an accident.

  34. I went to school with Mindy. She was very intelligent and kind hearted. She was friendly and popular. I am ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED, in disbelief, that this has happened.

    My sympathy goes to Sana’s friends and family.

    The case is going to trial in July sometime and I hope justice is done.

    Try to remember that it is however INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

  35. why is it that she has been refused bail and the husband and boy have been given bail?

    for her to ben refused bail, surely they must have enough data and evidence to link her to the crime??

  36. was reading on the net that she appeared in court and confirmed just her name, address and age and was not given bail.

    so does that mean she is locked up now until court hearing?

  37. Sair and Sana were married in Dec 2006, according to my sources. Sair and Mindy were going out before this.

    Think there must have been some sort of arranged marriage betweeen the two. I do however know that Mindy was looking into Islam seriously and thinking of converting to Islam (perhaps to be with Sair) but after they ‘broke up’ she continued to study it and even attended the Mosque.

    If sair had been forced into the marraige this would give him a motive, however i dont think this is very viable seeing as they conceived a child together so there must have been some sort of relationship there

    also the fact that sana was only 10 weeks pregnant must mean that they only recently discovered the pregnancy. this may have been a final blow for mindy??

    this is all just speculation??

  38. did mindy know he was married?

  39. Bail was refused for… (Judges words not mine…)

    Family is very wealthy and she could run away easily…
    Due to the profile of the case…

    Word form Prosecution is they want to keep her locked up and away from contact for as long as possible to break her…

    Jus for everyones info… Sana killed in upstairs bedroom, no breaking was made to the house, You people honestly think the girl got in the house took Sana upstairs and killed her???
    Forensic results next week…

  40. it sounds as though this girl mindy was still in love with sair. hw had got married, as mentioned maybe arranged. sana was pregnant, so its highly unlikely he would have wanted her killed or been involved, as it was his unborn child.

    sounds as though, mindy was very upset and jealous that he had moved on. she went to manchester for some reason and probably got very angry and upset and lost control of her senses, and ending up taking it out on the poor innocent murdered sana.???

  41. were you there at the court hearing? or involved in the trial?

  42. the only person/people that could have murdered her are – mindy alone, sair alone or mindy and sair. didnt someone say earlier sair was out at mosque, so that leaves just mindy??

  43. yes, but how did she get into the house without breakig in?? and upstairs to the bedroom?

    and witnesses are easy to come by…

    also sair’s parents were abroad at this time..which sounds very strange to me..convenient

  44. I know a lady who was present at the hour long hearing, once Forensic’s come out court will have to bail

  45. Convienent Sair car was seen on a motorway and mosque at the time?

    So does these people who saw him at the mosque like to satnd up think that will help him when he see the police next?

  46. so is it likely that both mindy and sair were involved in the murder and not just mindy??

  47. Does anyone know who the 16 year old was who was also arrested, but then later released?
    is he a part of sair’s family too?

    also there has been no mention of a murder weapon being found in any of the articles?? obviously this will help to bring the truth out

  48. feel so sorry for the innocent murdered girl, she probably had no idea about her husbands relationship with this girl mindy.

    is there evidence that mindy was in manchester on the say of the murder?? but why would sair want his wife killed, she was pregnant with his child? and he probably knew he could never be with the sikh girl, so he surely wouldn’t have killed his wife if there was no propect of him with mindy??

  49. Reports say thats Sairs Bro(16) bet he was seen at the local mosque then too!! convienent

    Me personally think everyone is looking to much ”in the box” maybe Sair hired someone was kill her after meeting his mistress hence on broken entry?! or maybe i have a strange imagination! just strange no weapon or clothes with blood found yet

  50. oh right – so theres no evidence of blood stained clothes??

    but why have they simply charged mindy with murder if there is no such evidence of her being in manchester, being at the home, no clothes?? dont understand

  51. why would police charge someone with murder and release it to press and media if there is not evidence?

    surely for them to make such a big statment of charge with murder about an individual, she must be involved?

  52. so wat are you saying? who else could have been involved? and wat do you mean about the marks to wrist? please expand

  53. This post is a mockery of the Ladys death

    Information about Law…
    There does not need to be ‘hard’ information to charge some over murder, a MOTIVE is adequet,

    My god ther is some really uneduacated parrots in this world…

  54. and what do you believe- self admittance or 3rd person? if 3rd person whom could that be?

  55. sorry law expert, not everyone knows the fine details of law

  56. Anonymous said…
    and what do you believe- self admittance or 3rd person? if 3rd person whom could that be?

    Saturday, May 19, 2007 11:37:00 PM

    do you know mindy?

  57. Well bet the family is glad ther Muslim, if they were white it would be big news but being muslim its all being hushed up and ignored

  58. is that a good thing or a bad thing though?? surely the more information made public the qicker this case can be solved and the family members can grieve and move on with their lives

  59. Yeh thats what i meant so the family can get away with it, is Mindy her nickname?

  60. yes it is

  61. i’ve known mindy from school and i just can’t believe this is the same girl i used to know. she’s had a very rough ride in terms of her love life even before this sair guy, but for something like this suggests an utterly warped mindframe… i can’t believe it until there’s some hard evidence. I hope to God she didn’t kill that poor girl and baby.

    RIP sana. My thoughts are with her family.

  62. ive been reading this blog lately a lot. im a family member of sana’s and im related to sair too. i just wana let everyone know sair and sana were engaged since she was a kid.also, there is evidence of “mindy” traveling on 2 buses and another train to reach throstle grove from her house 65 miles away. u wud think she wasnt in her senses..but then how cud she be smart enuf to switch all those trains? she got a smart key to enter the front door of the house so there is no break in, and the only reason she was been convicted is because foot prints were found. to top it off, her foot prints could have never been there from before or something because sair shares the house with his borther and 2 parents and many relatives stay there also. just giving everyone an update. i wish that girl never did this.

  63. and lets say she was dating sair and having an affair with him, he would never have brought her to his house there in the last 5 months since him and sana have been married. where did those footprints come from if she sleeps there every night? she was on bed rest for so long now from headaches and nausea due to pregnance

  64. I am a family member. I just want to say sikh girl who was charged was also stupid enough to wash her clothes in their washer and dryer and wash her hands in their sink. The police have taken the washer and dryer as evidence as well. She may have been a smart student but was so intellectually smart that must have had no common sense. There are evidence of her foot and finger prints which is how they caught her so fast. IF she even tries to plead temporary insanity she will not get away with it because this murder was way planned. I don’t care how intelligent or pretty and or smart or what a good person she was. there is evidence that she committed this crime and the judge has denied her bail and charged her. They dont just charge based on the fact that you have no alibi and were previously involved with the husband. Whether the Sikh community wants to accept it or not, this was not a set up for that bitch who they like to call Mindy. I hope she pays for what she did and gets life in jail for what she did to Sana.

  65. obv nothing can justify this horrific, brutal crime. but i think some portion of the blame has to lie with that sair for screwing around. i don’t care how many times someones seen in the mosque etc, cheating on your wife which leads to your lover (who converted to your religion for you) to go and stab her to death is something sair should pay for. and he will, if not through the legal system, he will in the suffering of this life and the next. whether he was part in her direct murder or not, he has sana’s blood on his hands.

    its such a shame an innocent woman was caught up in all this.

    in these kind of stories where muslim guys are messing around with girls of other religions, we always always let the guy off and call the girl a b****, who**e etc. but it’s just as much the guy, why do we let them get away with it? as a community we need to look at this and change our views, and shame these b******ds that think a few rakats nafl will cancel out what they get up to with the girlfriend on the side.

    RIP sana. your murderers (direct and indirect) will get what they deserve.

  66. >>>>”cheating on your wife which leads to your lover (who converted to your religion for you) to go and stab her to death is something sair should pay for.”

    she never converted, she was taking it into question.saying that sair should pay for having a relationship with her by getting his wife murdered is so ubsurd.death is not the payback for anything.unless ur killing a murderer himself/herself. i understand u feel for the pain and the death of sana. but please dont word it like that because theres no excuse for murder. ever.

  67. p.s. to all u sikhnis that think ur girl is innocent. get your facts straight before u go pointing out on muslims being mischevious smart ass liars. read the comments above and then talk. FUCK MINDY. I HOPE SHE BURNS IN HELL.

  68. >>>>>>>>saying that sair should pay for having a relationship with her by getting his wife murdered is so ubsurd.

    please read what i said properly. i never said that at all. no-ones murder can be seen as a “just-desserts” for someone elses wrong doing- don’t know how the hell you got that from my comment. there is OBVIOUSLY no justification for this murder, affair or no affair. i’m saying a portion of moral blame is on sair for cheating on his wife. harmohinder would not have spazzed out if there was nothing going on to begin with. the fact of the matter is that we need our muslim boys to stop messing around and sort themselves out, or unfortunately horrific scenarios like this will play out in the future again.

  69. yeah u r right about that. i understand u wen u put it that way.

  70. been reading all the comments. someone before said there was no evidence. but later others have said there were footprins, blood in thw washer/dryer etc. supoose they are using this as evidence. its a real shock as i know harmohinder.

  71. I am disgusted with some of peoples attitudes on this website. Has anyone heard of innocent until proven guilty. People are quick to say rot in hell to Mindy…but they themselves don’t know the truth yet.

    I’m not sikh myself but to start shifting the blame onto the sikh community is wrong. Mindy was very interested in islam and may have converted for this guy, so i don’t think blaming religion is important.

    another question everyone should be asking why would mindy ruin her career, her family’s and her own life for this guy. It doesn’t make any sense and such a waste.

    I’m not taking anything away from the family grieving cos this whole thing is horrific. I hope the truth comes out and the correct person is charged, whoever that maybe.






  73. Seems like everyone know bout this case and minday or harmoinder?!

    As an outsider – please dont get annoyed muslims – yes why do most stories with muslims turn to be i the muslims fault even thou people from other religions are involved too? well simply because i cant think of any story which involves one that was a chirstians or hindus fault? fact is in Islam ther is a lot of good people but alot of bad too and due to size of it the bad obviously outshine good,

    i’m not racist i have muslim friends its just the truth.

    Regrading this case Minday deserves the charge for her stupidity for falling for Sair games, but i dont think Sair did it but got someone else to commit the crime perhaps paid someone just as him and Mindy left the house… jus so him his sis and bro could have a alibi, then denied seeing Mindy leave the house

  74. Latest from Manchester, the family is minted (Sair’s) they think they hired someone to do the job and setup Mindy reason being Sair found out she was pregnant and was forced to marry her, family never saw Sair and Sana together and happy, resident were suprised to hear they were married?

  75. Can all those people that say they know Mindy please use your commen sense and not post on here! All you have done now is create this into an islam vs sikhism argument in a thread designed to respect sana. Before you came in here there was like 20posts in 5days now there have been 60posts in 12hours.

    The media has very little facts on this story at the moment, but all it takes is a quick google search and they will see all this rumour mongering and create a story out of it, and trust me if it does end up being spread over the news I doubt they will take the stereotypical view of lets blame islam especially as the government is always trying to reach out to the muslim community.

    And how can people come in here saying they have facts, which none of them can prove. I mean one person said they had no evidence that mindy did it and she was just charged as she had no alibi. And now somebody has come in saying they actually do have fingerprints of her in the house window. You guys all do not know the whole truth. And to the person who thinks they know the law saying that she can only be charged by accusations from a third person, well excuse me there has to be some evidence to backup that persons claims, otherwise its just random accusations!

    So please I urge you to all stop posting on here all you are doing is damage mindy’s cause with these silly rumours and to sana’s memory!


  76. Whether or not people choose to admit it, somthing here does not quite add up. As said before, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Its quite obvious that sair had more involvement in this than is coming across. There is a lot more of this story to come out, and I hope for the sake of all people involved, including mindy, it does so.
    I offer my deepest Condolences to the family of sana.

  77. How can you say its damaging her cause? You got people saying Sair family are so perfect would not hurt a fly and saying Mindy should rot in Hell? u expect us to shut up about that? I think people should state the facts, the simpilist fact is THAT SHE DID NOT DO IT!

  78. At the moment the only fact is that we do not HAVE any facts. There’s an amazing amount of people here who have been watching too much Miss Marple. Most people here seem to have some added attachment to the case either via mindy or by sana/sair’s side. We’re all just trying to make sense of a horrific situation. with regards to mindy leaving footprints and washing her clothes in the house washing machine etc- don’t think she’s that stupid; the only way she would have done that if she was completely insane in that moment. either way, all this speculation is just that. truth will out.

  79. if she supposedly washed and dryed her clothes there she must have been at the house sometime?? but sana was rushed to the hospital alive…surely this seems to suggest that mindy could have not washed/dried her clothes there?? this just does not add up..

  80. if she supposedly washed and dryed her clothes there she must have been at the house sometime?? but sana was rushed to the hospital alive…surely this seems to suggest that mindy could have not washed/dried her clothes there?? this just does not add up..

  81. Yeh i heard bout that washing her clothes ther too and while she was waiting for her clothes to dry she did a quick hoover and a bit of gardning too…

    Just to note, the attack was very violent and she did try to defend herself reports state, therefore the attacker must have scrathes or a bruise or two? just to give you guys an idea, Mindy is very petite and pale girl???? – Anyway what i have heard was that nothing was found on Mindy’s body

  82. petite has nothing to do with it, this sana was hardly built herself! I mean what if she was stabbed once when not expecting it, it would have immobilised her leaving her open to repeated stabbing, so who says there had to be a violent struggle. And even if there was, bruises heal quickly and was she not arrested 3days after the murder, as that is when she came forward?

  83. First reports of Sana’s death reported there was a struggle,

    good point of the bruise but not scrathes

    Face it Sair’s on borrowed time, wont be suprised if he goes missing in Pakistan in the coming weeks

  84. I have been reading the above comments and t is clear that there are a lot of concerned friends and family posting on this site. I feel that this site chould be for reserved for the memory of Sana Ali, So I have created a seperate site for Mindy’s family and friends, who are concerned for her welfare.

    Rip Sana Ali

  85. This has nothing to do with religion but the Asian culture where each of the 3 main religions in asian communities have prejudices against each other.People of different religions, be it sikh,muslim or hindu have relationships amongst each other, ofen very serious but are forbidden to marry by parents, community, etc and are expected to marry a person of their own religion, whether they love them or not.We are all human and cannot help who we fall in love with but until parents stop forcing their kids to marry someone they have no interest in and the men in these situations develop a backbone and stand up to their families, such tragedies will continue to occur. It is very common for men to marry someone of their parents’ wishes and then either have an affair or continue a relationship with their ex-partner who they weren’t able to marry.It’s such hypocrisy and all about keeping face for the wider community and paying lip-service to religious beliefs. Everyone else should refrain from mud-slinging towards one religion or another and take a long hard look at a situation created by our own community.Essentially, in this case, if either the guy (Husband) or girl(mistress) were religious they would not have been involved in a sexual relationship in the first place. Religion has nothing to do with it,a narrow-minded culture which forces people into desperate situations, does.

  86. I grew up with the Sair and his siblings, and know the family very well. It disgusts me to read some of the comments posted on here, making all kinds of assumptions about the Ali family and how “the husband must be involved with the other woman”, or stereotyping muslims as all being up for murdering their wives if they’ve been up to no good!!!! How dare you as strangers make all sorts of assumptions about people you don’t know. I cannot believe that there are so many busy bodies out there with nothing better to do that find people guilty before we know the full facts!

  87. and just for the record-Im a white christian before anyone accuses me of being from the muslim community and siding with the family.

  88. The facts are Mindy has been arrested.

    Police must have found SOME evidence or a MOTIVE for doing so.

    To the idiot who said it’s not a jungle hence no footprints. You don’t have a clue on forensics. Thieves use a different sole for burglaries becuase techniques can reconstruct, (to the eye) invisible markings/pressure points.

    What is obvious is some of the hate, and anti Islamic comments. Some of you really need to get your head out your arse and breath a little bit of reality.

  89. You don’t need to be a “professional” to break in with no obvious signs. As someone said used a “smart key”. This is not true but I understand what you imply. I wont be too specific in case it helps unpleasant people here but yale type locks can be bypassed by idiots in literally seconds. The tools to do so are freely available and require no specialist knowledge. Mindy could have done so, she sounds savy enough. Again this would show it was planned and not just a result of waking up on wrong side of the bed.

  90. Well, I have known Mindy for many years and I do not believe she has done it.
    In recent years, she has had a difficult patch with relationships, family, friends and religious identity.
    BUT she could not have done it. She must have been framed or charged by mistake. SHE IS INNOCENT until proven guily and with no forensic evidence, who can conclusively say that she has killed sana ali.

  91. So tragic, a waste of two lives. I hope justice is done.

  92. “In recent years, she has had a difficult patch with relationships, family, friends and religious identity.
    BUT she could not have done it”

    So do most other friends/relatives of murders. She can not instantly be innocent because of your gut feeling

    “She must have been framed or charged by mistake.”

    Do you have evidence to PROVE that. You go on to say no evidence exists against Mindy. Anything which can substantiate your allegations?

    “SHE IS INNOCENT until proven guily and with no forensic evidence, who can conclusively say that she has killed sana ali.”

    leave that to the police and possible trial. if that is the case I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. Would it not be better to let the process run to completion than make up what sounds like to most people wild allegations.

  93. I really feel sorry for Sana’s family, more so as i believe justice will not prevail, i can guarantee no one will get prosecuted in this case, not cos of religion – so please no more Islam Sikh Jibes.

    All the people who know Mindy know whats she like and all those who know Sair know whats he is like…

  94. Money Talks – Sair is incredibly weathly and has is back covered, I only pray that justice is done and hope you all do that too…

    No more I know what he’s like, cos we all know he buys his way to everything – So why are so many people saying his family is perfect? – for god sake you speaking about a murder, not accidental but brutal, SO NO MORE LIES people, god is watches the actions of us all…

  95. As a mother I would like to say that all three mothers must be going through a living hell! Sana’s mother at such a permanent violent end to her innocent daughter, Sair’s mother to have all the accusations flying around whilst grieving for her daughter-in-law and Mindy’s mum trying to work out the Why! her brilliant daughter ended someone’s life and her brilliant career!

  96. As a mom, I continously think of all three mothers in pain. Sana’s mum – pain at her loss of a precious young daughter, Sair’s mum – pain at all the allegations whilst grieving for her daughter-inlaw and Harmo’s mum – asking the question WHY!

  97. Everyone, please see the two comments above…

    Now make your mind up if you think Mindy is being setup…

    PS. Police can do IP address checks and can locate any PC within a hour any post you can ”anonymous” but they know which PC it has been sent from and its location.


    that is a fat lie. mindy was arrested while doing a filling on a patient at the spot.i hear she was very close to becoming a dentist? what an idiot

  99. the next hearing is in july. the truth will be revealed. i have respect for sikh’s. they’re great people. they just dont see that this girl is not innocent and its hard for them to accept one of their well educated women doing something so immature. the police can not arrest without approval.they had to have provided evidence.mindy’s fingerprints were not only on the windowsill. and to the person above who posted the website about the muslim flyer converting thing.thats total bs.first off kafir isnt spelled muslim would right it as MOSLEM.and we would never get paid to do that. islam isnt a buisness and thats total makes me actually laugh seeing stupid things like that and people believing it.

  100. This should not be made into such an issue of race. It is not the fact that she is sikh that people are finding it hard to just accept her as being guilty. There is simply right now, not enough evidence for a judgement to be made. I just find it very difficult to believe that mindy, who is a pretty, very intelligent girl, who has way too much going for her, would throw it all away on a stupid mindless act like this. I’d be sure there would be more to it.

  101. oh puhlease,

    “Mindy’s innocent”

    “she’s really pretty”

    “she’s so clever”

    What the hell does any of the above have to do with her alleged murder of Sana. Fact is there are only two innocents in this whole sorry saga – Sanaa and her unborn child.

    I don’t give a rat’s arse what kind of person this Mindy was, fact was she was arrested and not given bail there has got to be a reason for that. As for all the sikh propaganda – stop it – “your” girls willingly date non-sikh’s no one forces them to, if the had an ounce of common sense they would realise that it will all end in tears sooner or later.

    Sick and tired of Sikh going on and on about “brain-washing” and “forced conversions” – try going out on a friday night in your local city and see how many of them are willingly draped over the local muslim lads. They are not as innocent as you like to make out – sorry to burst your bubble!

    Personally this whole incident smack of fatal attraction type situation. Granted her husband was probably a total idiot for messing around on his missus but the fact that he was released and she (mindy) wasn’t speaks volumes.

    Sana may you rest in peace. Also all you so called muslim brothers out there who are cheating on your wives or having your cake and eating it – grow a fucking spine and stop being such idiots!

  102. It is natural for the topic of race to rise an issue.let me tell you something. its that when “mindy” was accused, her family and sorroundings were on outrage because as far as they know and think, “these muslims are pointing fingers at their daughter”. thats the first thing they say and think.vice versa with the muslims.

  103. “Money Talks – Sair is incredibly weathly and has is back covered, I only pray that justice is done and hope you all do that too…”

    Does it? I just spent the last minute trying to get fiver here to speak a word. He must have special money.

    Money is the kind of thing which links you with murders; it’s leaves traces behind. Because he may well be wealthy does not imply he is guilty. Please use your head for once and stop coming up with weird conspiracies.

    So far from what we know as FACTS Mindy is under arrest and denied bail. The judge obviously thought something was valid for doing so.

  104. What they probably mean by that is that Mindy has way too much going for her in life to throw it all away on something stupid like this. Im sorry but a dental student, who’s worked hard for 5 years of her life, who was now only two weeks away from graduating does not fit the killer profile for me!
    Quite frankly. she was stupid for getting involved with people like that. No good could ever have come from it.

  105. So what is she had a lot going for her. Could have mental problems for all we know. And no being a dental student does not mean you are beyond loosing it.

    “she was stupid for getting involved with people like that”

    people like what? is the word you are looking for paki by any chance

  106. people who were gonna be married and sleeping around on their wives maybe?!
    Maybe we just need to be open to other possibilities, like we cant rule out that there being more to this story, and him maybe being involved. She’s just not the kind of girl that shes being portrayed to be.

  107. I have been reading these blogs over the past few days and thought maybe it was time for me to say something:- i would really just like to say every1 has their opinion and they are entitled to it but no1 has the right to judge whether you know the person or not (Sair/Mindy), whether you kno this Sair/Mindy personally, as friends/family or just thru some1, how can you be so judgmental and say -no Sair can’t have anything to do wiv it, he’s a gud lad, or Mindy has been framed, she had to muc going on to do sumat like this. the world and its ppl as it stands 2day is very cruel place, so i wudnt put it past any1 to do carry out a crime like mentioned,its easily dun these days and evidence or not the REAL culprit cud be walking free and will most likely end up a free man/woman. but i sincerely hope 4 no1 else but Sana that justice is done.

  108. That is very true. People can go in circles talking about this, but the truth will not come out until the case in july, and unfortunately perhaps not even then. I just pray for all the people involved that justice really is done.

  109. One this does not involve religion, none of the 2 parties involved talk about religion, Sair and his Solisters…
    job for the next week is to cover his financial dealings… right or wrong?

  110. Person who said she was filing and then got arrested, YES that was because she had phoned them in the morning! why dont you comtact Greater Manachester Police to find out?

  111. how do you know she phoned the police, were you there? are yo a family member or something??

  112. Sorrry to bring religion init again… but I ahve not heard someone say she a good girl cos she is Sikh? sikhs are corrupt too individuelly – full of alcoholics etc

    We are talking about a innocent girls life, who i think deserves the time in prison for getting involved with a married man but IS solely innocent of the murder

  113. ^^^^^^^^^^^
    For the love of whichever GOD you twats believe in, please go and invest in a Grammar book. I have heard that the Oxford book of Grammar comes highly recommended!
    Or in fact instead of wasting time on this Blog, I suggest that you head on back to school and pay attention to you teachers!

    ie. In English please you moron!

  114. Bet she’s a Teacher? Well i apoligise that my grammatical blog do not fit within your standards, to be honest i always thought that the English Language should come above that of someones life, dont you think art thou?

  115. ^^^^^ tut tut, still can’t get your grammar right! Its giving me a headache just reading that trashy post!

    And the irony, you take a pop about my grammar remark in a thread related to death. But how exactly is your nonsensical post about sikhs and affairs and whether Mindy’s guilty got to do with it?

    Exactly, just as I thought, nothing! So do us all a favour and keep your useless opinions to yourself and get the fudge out of here!

  116. What does anyone know about Mindy’s family in Solihull? – Obviously a very wealthy part of the midlands….

  117. So ur a Teacher and obviously SINGLE too! lol

    think she is a orphan, now lives on her own, she gonna be come a dentist due to her hard up bringing?

    y u soo nosey huh?

  118. whoever said that she was arrested whilst carrying out a filling on a patient, i can assure you that is complete bull!! Mindy was nowhere near the dental hospital when she got arrested, we should know! If you dont know the facts, dont comment!

  119. To the person who claims that sikh people are “corrupt and alcoholics” that is like saying all muslims are terrorists! Both highly ignorant and ridiculous comments!
    And as for her “deserving time in prison for getting involved with a married man”…she was with him long before he was married, so looks like you’re wrong and extremely misinformed on both accounts.

  120. to the person who said she rang the police herself, how do you know??

  121. It’s ironic how a young woman and her unborn child have been murdered in cold blood and yet this topic has turned into a debate in defense of either Mindy (Sikh girl) or Sair (Muslim guy).

    No Sikh of Guru Nanak would ever senselessly murder an innocent person and their unborn child

    No Muslim of Muhammed Ji would ever senselessly murder an innocent person and their unborn child

    Whoever did this demonic act came from hell and will rightfully return to hell

    If in fact Mindy or Sair are guilty of this despicable crime, they will answer for this Great Sin in the Court of the Lord

    As for all those who have made ignorant generalizations about either Muslims or Sikhs, you are slaves to your own insecure ego. It truly shows how far you are from the One God, who resides in all

    May Allah, the Merciful, bless the Soul of Sana Ali and her unborn

    May Waheguru, the Destroyer of Spiritual darkness, lead Sana Ali and her unborn to his Holy embrace

  122. i know mindy and i know her to be a very nice girl from a very very nice family. They have brought her up very very well and are very close and respectable. These comments have all turned into some sort of circus – none of us, in fact know exactly what happened do we, so we cannot and should not state misleading lies. The more ‘crap’ we say, the harder it will be for all of the families involved. Remember this – this may have not have been because of any kind of affair – do you have any idea how many guys like mindy – she has always had her pick of many, but was in love with a Jatt some time ago ( weren’t we all ey? ) So, lets get our heads on straight, and maybe think there is a different story here – Yes, Sanas murder was brutal and sad. Do you have any idea that mindy may be being held for her own protection? Dumbies, did anyone ever think of that?

  123. urgh…. no. If she wanted protection her lawyer would not have been arguing for bail. Nor would they keep her locked up now would they. It would be illegal.

    So in your own words stops spouting “crap” as “none of us, in fact know exactly what happened do we”

  124. Sorry not really sure what you’re trying to say…hows being in love with a jatt some time ago, and having her pick of many, mean that she cant be seeing a muslim guy now?!

  125. I’m a Sikh guy and dated plenty of girls from many different religions in the past (and proud of it).
    The way I personally see it is that a monority of Sikh girls are just out of control – especially when given the freedom – they will goto the extreme…
    However, I am a little surprised by this case as Mindy sound quite intelligent and from a reasonably good family.
    She was obviously not going to get the family backing to marry this guy – so why goto such an extreme ? She may have intelligent but quite immature and surpressed at home…
    I think some good will come out of this in the end, with parents actually becoming more aware what is going on out there in the real world… and this should not be treated lightly.
    She will not get an easy ride in prison either if read up on some of the stories…
    This whole thing is quite scary of what is happening in the asian society and needs to be addressed.

  126. it’s actually quite sick that some of mindy’s own friends are betraying her by letting spill..have some repect and keep things quiet- this is exactly how gossip begins…r.i.p sana ali

  127. You call making comments “sick”??? Get real -The police have descibed this as a violent knife stabbing on an inncent 17 yr old pregnant woman. There’s only one person is Sick in all this and she deserves all she gets. Nothing more than a bitter and twisted slapper.

  128. I am putting comment moderation back on again, and although I have never deleted a comment before on my blog before, I will if the comments start getting abusive.

  129. thank you sikh souljah, thatt was beautifully said

  130. to the person that keeps mentioning how rich Sair is, Mindy isn’t exactly poor! i hear her parents live in a £700,000 house, and she comes from a family of docs/dentists, with an uncle owning his own farm …

  131. can i jus say for all those ppl who have said that itz becuz of her religion and included “honour killing” in the same sentence…UR FOOLS! Hypocrites! I’m muslim, Ive suffered a close incounter of an honour killing but escaped and live on my own BUT I dnt confuse myself with religion and culture. Honour killings, Izat (honour) is all thats been created in our culture. Allah has never said kill those who dont obey!! ever heard that in the quran?? no i didnt think so! lets leave the punishing 2 him for those who disobey HIM. this brings me to the word “honour”. Allah mentioned in the quran that Honour belongs only to him, its only him we should honour. NO ONE has the right to believe they have izat (honour) because it only belongs to Allah and it’s only him we should show respect to. but cultures of pakistan afghanistan etc have created all this in their culture. and thus islam is not 2 blame! for example, in the uk, if “christians like to get drunk on the weekends” as a way of enjoying themselves then that doesnt sound right, because getting drunk and their religion has no link! nor does kicking your kids out the house as soon as they turn 18, thats not their religion, this aint ther religion its their culture. TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS. u lot think u no ur own religion, think again. dont blame god 4 wen thingz go wrong blame da god damn culture!

  132. Please – Mindy’s parents are rich and her uncle owns a farm – You must be a real low life to have to judge someone or respect someone based upon that! – That is the most immature comment I have read so far. I am a Sikh Guy and agree with some of the comments made – This girl is nothing but a slapper and deserves all she gets – why don’t she take the easy option and top herself. End of

  133. your the most stupid, immature person i have ever come across. to say she should topherself….if u had a clue….u’d know that suicide destroys families lives….have you thought about that!
    she’s not even proven guilty so how dare you say something like that.
    i can’t believe people are being so judgemental. u don’t even know the facts yet.

  134. how do u know this…..n how can u say someone deserves to die! she’s not even proven guilty yet! are u that ignorant? do u kno even tkno wot ur saying…..suicide destroys families lives…..b4 ur comment u shud watch wot u say! ur such an idiot!

  135. In response to the last comment and the one it derived from: please dont stereotype. Not only is it derogatory to women but it also shows your lack of respect and maturity. If you have a partner or have had one in the past and you are not married does that make you a rapist? pimp? scum? No it doesnt so for a girl to have a relationship with someone when they are not married does that make her a slapper? tart? whore? no it doesn’t! If Mindy and Sair did have a relationship then surely they are both as bad as each other on that count? So please grow up and provide sensible comments if you are going to leave any. Considering there are no facts for this case and at the moment there is no trial, isnt it just a waste of everyones time being hateful and spiteful and angry and causing further personal and mass distress with these rumours and abusive comments? I came on this site in respect of sana ali to see wot nice things people must be writing in memory of her and all i am reminded of is the disrespectful and rude and nasty people i am sharing this life with. RIP Sana x

  136. i agree.
    “why don’t she take the easy option and top herself”??

    What a ridiculous and insensitive comment to make. A life for a life hey? looks like you were taught well.
    May justice truly be done and sana ali rest in peace.

  137. To start off with r.i.p to sana and unborn baby. This is a very complicated situation, i will give only facts(from reliable sources) mindy doesnt live in a 700k house,she did phone the police and as it stands there is not enough evidence to convict her. Thats all the facts i know for now.

    Rumours however coming from manchester and birmingham are that it was a set up; family all vacated house conveniently and mindy was asked to come for what ever reason placing her at scene. The family acquired alibis and hired someone to frame mindy. Mindy has got herself into a bad situation however she does have a part to play in the sad deaths no matter what happens. She must live with this forever

  138. RIP sana ali, my sympathies to your family, you were a victim in this and did,t derserve this. However, Mindy has been brainwashed by this guy, she was considering converting, and was a victim herself. She probably had no idea of this, and could have been told by him to come up to the house and meet him. What a coincidence, the parents were out of town, Of course she could have entered this house while a crime was being committed by others…poor girl, was shocked and and got caught in this attack. Sikh girls are not capable of this behaviour unless they have been brainwashed by muslims, who seem to be the main destructors…they love to murder innocent people and kids, and have no remorse…

  139. ^^^ wow just wow kid, at 6am in the morning you come on here posting that racist tripe! I’m sikh myself and what you have just written is just bullshite! Even if she was brainwashed, use your head, she has to take most of the blame for letting it happen, I mean she’s an ‘intelligent girl’, so says most of her friends, so how dumb must she have been to be “brainwashed”! Get a life, she willing chose to want to convert to islam if in fact she did.

  140. to anonymous above, your a disgrace being a stupid sikh. you and your stupid religion…! just admit and accept that one of your so-called sikh girls may have committed a murder. how can you say sikh girls are not capable of murder, that’s ridiculous. anyone is capable regradless of religion!

  141. that is ridiculous to say the sikh girls are not capable of muder. anhyone could be capable regardless of religion. that’s stupid to even suggest that.

    obviouslty you are going to defend mindy, your sikh. but she was considering leaving your religion to convert, so she obviously didn’t think much of sikhism, now did she??

  142. r.i.p sana jaan. its so hard to look at my own blood all over the news and internet For this reason.i thank andrew allison greatly for taking his time out to post concern for my family and to all these people above, its understandive why people are talking in a bad manner, its natural when the facts haven’t been released and everyones going haywire. i miss her so much and pray for patience to be placed upon our family.whoever her perpotrator is, he/she will be caught soon. r.i.p my lovely angel

  143. May Allah (SWT) grant sister Sana a place in jannah with her baby

  144. all i want to say is that murdering is nothing to do with religion it is up2 the person what type of person they are where does religion come from and also i am a muslim rip sana and baby x

  145. Yeah ofcourse murder is nothing to do with Religion. Its with the people who do not let others live. WHY DID THAT B*TCH KILL MY FRIEND??? she was innocent. I wish harmohinder, dont even wanna call out her disgusting name but I wish she gets murdered 100 times more brutally than san.

  146. to the person above, ur comment was discusting, u dont even have any facts and wat happened to innocent until proven guitly? u sound like a murderer urself, u sure u didnt kill sana and her unborn child??????????????????

  147. my thoughts are with sana and sairs family i hope and pray to allah that he helps u through this horrific time and really hope the person who has caused so much pain to u gets the puishment they deserve r.i.p sana and baby

  148. Personally i think that muslims guys brainwash girls too much and now that one musim girl dies as a result of it is nothing but what goes around comes around. this sair guy needs to sort his life out as i saw him in mcdonalds in the morning eating a bacon roll so some muslim he is. the guys a loser i also hope that all these muslim “brother and sisters” stop chattin shit and marry their cousions the sickos! does that mean sana and her husband were in fact cousions?

  149. to the above person who wrote this comment, get ur facts right sair was not in mcdonalds eatin a bacon roll coz on the friday morning it was his wife’s funeral and no they wernt cousins!!!!!!

  150. This is to the Mr saying sair “was in mcdonalds eating a bacon roll”. You dont know what and who your talking about he was at his wife’s funeral that morning, muslim boys and girls dont brainwash any1, I personally think sikh girls once given the freedom will go as far as they can and I have more cases to prove this.

  151. Sikh girls are this muslims are that end it, we all kno’…

    All i will say is this, ther is only one god, and 2 people were killed, if people are keeping ther mouths shut to cover someone back your a murderer too, anyone, i mean anyone who has any information on the death of Sana just come forward, all send ur afterlife and ur current life in some kind of hell.

  152. just wanna pay my repects to sana and her baby. R.I.P both of you and may allah grant you a place in jannat.
    also to all you people judging without facts. please don’t insult this memory blog for sana. whoever has done this, whether or not caught on earth will face the ultimate punishment from Allah.

    R.I.P sana and baby…

  153. any news on hows she’s coping in Prison?

  154. can anyone post me a link to sana’s tribute site plz?

  155. gone too soon is the name of the site

  156. court case next friday

  157. For all users: please post only factual comments after the court hearing next friday.

  158. Can all users who decide to post comments after next fridays court hearing only post factual information only!

  159. hey people
    court case on friday, please show ur support for sana and come and sit in the public gallery. we all need justice for what happened to the little angel.
    R.I.P sana and baby abdul xxx

  160. hey people, can anyone who maybe knows sana’s family, could you please let me know what time the court hearing is? it would be very much appreciated. if you wouldnt like to post it, please let me knoe via email:

  161. show your support by going to the court case

  162. show your support by attending the court case. Please write up on this site what you here because i am unable to go. Thank You

  163. R.I.P
    This is a very tragic and upsetting event. I know how her family must be greiving and i know what it feels like to lose someone close to you. we all pay our respects to her. And hope she has a better much deserved life in janath. ameen

  164. Make sure you go to the court case. Show your support for Sana’s family.



    A woman has appeared in court charged with the murder of pregnant teenager Sana Ali.

    Harmohinder Kaur Saghera, of Solihull, West Midlands, pleaded guilty to stabbing 17-year-old Sana to death at her home in Bury, Greater Manchester, on May 11.

    Speaking via a video link to Manchester Crown Court, Saghera spoke only to enter a plea and confirm personal details.

    The dentistry student at Birmingham University was told she faces a ten to 15-day trial, beginning on November 13.

    Mrs Ali was found with multiple stab wounds in an upstairs bedroom at her home. She was ten weeks pregnant at the time.

    At Saghera’s first appearance, the court heard Mrs Ali was knifed in the heart, stomach and chest and also suffered lacerations to her wrists and hands. She was taken to Fairfield Hospital, where she died.

    A pre-trial review will take place on October 19, at which Saghera will again appear by video link.

  166. itv got it wrong look at the bbc website, she pleaded not quilty.

  167. she also applied for bail but it was refused.

  168. no shes not its not guilty

  169. No, she has pleaded “Not Guilty” – that news report has misprinted it.

    Trial begins on 13 Nov.

  170. I just wanted to say that i hope and pray that ALL the people involved (not just harmohinder as she got caught in the act) are punished in some shape or form in this lifetime and if somehow they manage to escape this – they can thank their lucky stars for now but it will be no use to them in the life after as they will be punished. I hope this is some consolation to Sana’s family as i can imagine that nothing that happens now will bring Sana back or ease the pain of her loss…it can only bring all this mess to a closure, and you can move on knowing that Sana is in a better place in jannath, Insha-Allah.

  171. it is sair’s fault that sana is not here today.

  172. sair is married to mindy and they r having a child thats why she killed sana

  173. I think it is common knowledge and obvious that Sair had a huge part to play towards the loss of Sana.

    Obviously there was some degree of involvement between Harmohinder and Sair… To what degree it doesnt matter as wrong is simply wrong…there are no levels for it…They have both committed a sin. Sair for getting involved while married to Sana, and Harmohinder for getting involved with a married man. This, which they will both be punished for as stated in the message above.

    With the death of Sana, things have taken a huge turning for both the offending people, but who had what part to play….hopefully the outcome of the trial will give us the answers.

    For now…Sair is lucky enough to get away while Harmohinder is in prison.

  174. i think everyone should stop speculating about it all. Its a sad situation all this rubbish is not helping things. You should all concentrate on your own lives and stop gossiping about other people. whats done is done, now let all parties involved deal with it and try to come to terms with everything.

  175. Without causing any offence to the above person I would like to say that it is human nature to speculate…and the purpose of this blogspot is to discuss and share your views and thoughts?

    The views on this website are not going to affect the trial nor will it increase the punishments of the said parties or lessen the hurt and sorrow of the victims families. If anything it will open up eyes of naïve individuals out there and make them think about life…..

  176. i think you should all keep adding to this the site.

  177. well no it doesnt make people think about their own lives, all that iv read on here is how bad Harmohinder is or how to blame Sair is, its ridiculous!!! Just think about what the families are going through all 3 families especially Sana’s family its just so sad!! If this was about you, you would curse the people gossiping on here.

    It is also human nature to try to be a decent person and part of being decent is not chatting shit on a website and gossiping about someones misfortune. Just mind your own business and let it be. Lifes too short to gossip and speculate, while we are here we should just try to be good, help others and enjoy it.

    Sair was always travelling around the country before he married sana and when he went to Birmingham he met Mindy. They fell in love and they had a matta done (conditional mariiage. Mindy converted to islam and changed her name to Arifa. Sair and sana were cousins and they always knew they were goin to get married.To keep his family happy he agreed to marry Sana but they did not know he had a matta with mindy. He forced the marriage to be held in pakistan so mindy would not find out.After the marriage sair quickly returned to england and sana returned alone a few weeks later. After a few months she found out she was pregnant. She occasionly fainted and fell ill but her mother and father inlaw still went to pakistan for a ‘holiday’.
    At the same time mindy became pregnant and something happened between her and sair and they split. When she found out sana was pregnant she bacame very angry.
    On Friday 11th may when sair went to jummah prayers the al hussainia mosque on bellot street and his little brother hassn ali went to holy cross college she entered the house using a key. Sana was in the downstairs room next to the gas heater and she forced her upstairs and onto the bed where she repeatedly stabbed her. Sana fell on the floor then she slashed her arms to make it look like suicide. then she went downstairs put her clothes in the washing machine washed her hands and then had a shower. then she left the house but was spotted by the gardener. She returned to Birmingham and the bitch acted as if nothin had happened.
    After sair was arrested nad interrigated he told the police about his cheap little afair with mindy and they travelled to burmingham and arrester her (@monastery drive sollihull, west midlands).
    On June 30th she had pleaded not guilty under the instruction of her money hungry lawyer.

    well sair is not the innocent one in all of this, he should have stopped his wedding with sana becasue he was already married. And he must have done somethin to midy to make her take such a step.
    To sum it all up is sair was never born maybe sana would living peacefully somewhere today with her mum and 2 brothers.

    Oh Vahi Guru please give sana and abdul all the hapiness they need in heavan and punish those peopl responsible for this horrible crime!!!!!

  179. if this is true may allah plz punish both sair and mindy, but remember guys it is not the fault of the innocnet child growing inside mindy.

  180. oh my gos, sair is such a b*******, how cud he do this. I briefly knew him @ school but now i wish i had never met him.

  181. I snogged sair once at school, and in college, and nearly slept with him,now i wish i hadn’t.

  182. if you want to see mindy go to youtube
    type in punjabi women
    the 7th pic that cumes up is mindy’s

  183. There is no room in the world for men like sair. i can imagine him as one of those cheap dirty pervy arrogant wankers cant get enough of themselves. i can just imagine him wanking over some dirt mag, and dreaming about marrying some other woman and ruining her life. these sorts of men shud not be allowed to marry and his parents shud be ashamed of themselves. If it was not for him and ‘mindy’ sana would be alive today. Ihave just read a comment from somebdoy saying they nearly slept with sair, well if he knew 9 years before that he was goin to marry sana hen he should have kept his pervy little eyey of women and looked forward to marryin sana. And if he could not bear to keep his dirty hands of other women he shud have told sana he ouldn.t marry her. a weeks of crying would have been better than eternity in a grave.

    Lets hope thee is a god out there so sair can be punished for his wrongdoings.

  184. witch girl on youtube is mindy?
    is it the slut danceing whos dancing like she has got a rocket up her back side or what?

  185. is any body know when is SANA’s birthdat?cos i heard that her birthday was the day after her murder.

  186. Is anybody know when was SANA’s birthday ?cos i heard that it was after her murder.

  187. How come we never get to see this Mindy’s picture anywhere. Can anyone lead us to it.

  188. to the annonymous person who wrote out that entire story on the blog…for the most part your story is very accurate except the part about mindy being pregnant? are u sure she is pregnant because the family was informed that mindy was on her period the day that she was arrested so unless she had a miscarriage or abortion she was not pregnant to my knowledge and from wat the police told the family

  189. Has any1 seen sair or mindy? any pics of mindy?
    RIP sana

  190. why would you wana see pics of mindi?

  191. i just heard she is really pretty and want to see why he was in luv wid her…..

  192. FACT – Its not just Sana and Mindy that were present in his life….

    As most people that know Sair are aware that he travels a lot……..well, amongst his travels he has been involved with other women, holiday flings, time pass etc….

    Sair is or definitely WAS involved in sexual relationships with other women – FACT!!!

    I can honestly say that most if not all the women he has been involved with were not aware of his marriage to his cousin Sana, or the secret marriage or whatever relationship he had with Mindy.

    He obviously knows that most women will not get involved if he is already with someone, that’s why he has always kept all his affairs concealed, and therefore continuously using and abusing women for sex and playing with their feelings.

    Sair doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings except his own. He likes to come across all religious but he is far from it…He has no love or respect for anyone, his friends, family, his Parents, and above all he has no fear of Allah. Anyone that knew Sair, have a think back to what he used to preach to you and look at him now…….

  193. wot exactly did he do that made him travel soo much? did he drive a heavy goods vehicle?

  194. wot does he look like?

  195. i didnt know sana, or sair (maybe thats a gud thing) because sana’s death has really affected me as a person, her being a year younger than me, it just makes you think about the important things in life. family, friends etc. and maybe its a gud thing i dont know sair because of all the things people have been saying about him. but as a person mentioned above if anyone knew what he used to preach b4 and what he does now, i think its unfortunately hard hitting things like sana’s death which has made him cange. my cousin once saw him and even she said he looked like a player but when i went to the court to give my support to sana, even though i dont know what he looked like b4, but wen i saw him he looked very weak and had grown a beard, i dnt know but lets hope he’s changed or ganna change for the best. i cant help but think as this story is out who is ganna marry him now? remember every person is subject to forgiveness in allah’s eyes.
    R.I.P sana and baby

  196. Sair is one selfish, self-centred boy. A hypocrite to say the least. He likes to make out that he is a decent caring religious boy….but it is all a farce!

    What did Sair look like….well depends how you look at him…..But one fact is, he’s flaunted his looks and money and turned into one ugly person. The smart people out there who can see past looks – you’ll see that it’s so not a pleasant sight you see when you look at him…..

    A person that is married to someone, secretly married to someone else, having casual sex when away on his so called business trips, flirting left right and centre with girls all the time, and if he gets lucky getting off with them…. yes I think its not harsh to call them a Player!!

    Yes, everyone is subject to forgiveness, even guys that have stooped that low…..but they have to be repenting and asking for forgiveness, and to do that, they have to accept that what they did was wrong (even though they were aware of it as they were committing such sins!!!).

    Without being too harsh and with regards to the above comment – Sair is a good actor, and at a time like this, I am sure he is displaying his best performance. I’m sure it’s not easy for him right now, but I wouldn’t trust him. I hope for his sake (and after the death of his wife and unborn child) he learns from this and does change and becomes a better person, but I wouldn’t fall for any of it or hold my breath!

  197. I’m not sure if Sair has done all the things mentioned in the above Blog, if he has i dont think he deserves anybodys forgiveness, especially Allah’s!!!

  198. Sair has done all sorts — i wouldnt underestimate him!!!

    I think its just a shock to him and the people that know him that all his affairs are now in the open – and people are getting to see what he really is like..

    He doesnt show his true self to everyone….but now people are slowly putting the Sair puzzle together and working out what a nasty piece he really is!!!

  199. why don’t all u ppl with ur opnions act as character witnesses!! esp those who knw the really sair

  200. i think you alot off you on here are sad ba#####ds and gossips, and you are sinning for gossiping and revelling in peoples misfortunes. some of you lotb make me sick your out of order, get a life be a better person n stop gossiping!!!! may god forgive you.

  201. Just like everyone else i guess the above person is entitled to an opinion too!!

  202. yeh true everyone’s entitled to their opinions.i’m sure this is a blog where people can post their comments, now if people are gossiping its upto the individual’s interpretation. anyway, i’m a well wisher who feels for sana, her baby, family and friends and i just hope she gets justice and the sick person who did this is punished beyond the jail term

    R.I.P sana and baby, may allah open doors to jannat for u and the little one xxx

  203. i hear she has been released, is this true???

  204. what makes you think that she has been released?

  205. Does any1 hav a picture of sair or mindy? is he on youtube? facebook? mindy is on facebook

  206. His gud luks and money and attitude is the thing that is making all the girls crazy about him. But i cant believ this could result in the death of his Wife (RIP)

  207. i heard she’d been released, apparently she was set up.

  208. I cannot comment on Harmohinder as i didnt know her personally…but i wouldnt put anything past Sair as i know what he is capable of!!!

  209. i had a look on facebook — there was a few mindy’s??? Which one is she???

  210. what is her full name on facebook so i can search her

  211. type ‘mindy sanghera’ in seacrh on facebook

  212. there is a pic of sair n sanas gonetoosoon website

  213. Thanks to the above person. I had a look at the website. Sort of knew his name as we went to the same uni — looking at his picture i do remember that face and it so made me cringe.

  214. harmohinder ans sair are responsible for sana’s death.
    Just remember another court day is on: October 13th
    show ur support for sana by attending

  215. to the person above, will try my best to go but wasnt the court date nov 13th?
    and to people who sed shes been released, there jus rumours, shes been charged and she will pay not only on earth but to allah too

    ramazan mubarak sana and to little abdul, allah jannat naseeb kare to both of u
    R.I.P sana and baby

  216. everyone harmohinder wii get another chance to plea on october 13th.
    The full trial will begin on november 13th.
    Put these dates in ur diary.
    Show ur support 4 sanas family by visiting her gone too soon web page.

  217. lets jus hope she uses her senses and pleads guilty, it’l save everyones time…

    will try and go to the hearings but if anyone get updates on her case, post in. thanks

    R.I.P sana and baby

  218. You want her to plead guilty??? For what reason?? Just so you have someone to blame! I know the accused well, i know its not in her nature to do such a thing. I agree that justice should be taken but in the correct mannor, not just towards someone who is caught in the middle.

    Can someone please inform me on the reason why Mindy is being held? as far as i know only motive is the reason… the poilce have NO evidence at all, no blood stains or DNA, apart from she was in the house on the same day…

    I think people should turn there attentions to the actions of Sair and his Sister.

    RIP to Sana Ali.

  219. harmohinder is innocent. Sair is the guilty one.

  220. when is mindys baby due?

  221. What happened to Innocent until proven guilty?

    Nobody knows what really happened -whether it was Mindy, Sair, Sairs brother etc. Nobody actually knows.

    Mindy isn’t still pregnant is she?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion on here and I understand that but I think its wrong to point the finger at anyone at this stage – we dont know the truth and I think the case hearing will be very interesting as ALOT of stuff will be brought up

  222. how cud it have been sair, i was with him at mosque at the time. Sairs bro hassan was at college, ask anybody his friends teachers. As for that bitch mindy i hope somebody duffs her up in prison and kills her baby, but that still will not be enough for me.
    Rest in peace Sana beta…

  223. The comments section on this post is now closed.

  224. As I have already stated, I have closed the comments section on this post. I keep getting comments which I am not publishing. The most recent was to ask for those using foul and abusive language to stop. This is the very reason I have stopped allowing comments.

    Thank you to all who have left contructive comments over the last few months and I hope you will keep on returning to my blog.

    Thank you

  225. hi andrew. i am a genuine user of your blog and i deeply feel you should re open this blog until the court case has ended, so we are updated on the case. and please could everyone respect this blog and do not use inappropriate language.
    thank you

  226. I have received a comment from someone asking me to re-open the comments sections until after the court case.

    I have decided that I will, however under one condition. I will not allow any abusive comments on to the blog. This means I have to use comment moderation, which means I have to constantly check for comments to publish. I will do that, but if you think my blog can be used for abuse; think again.

  227. Just want to say thank you to the person who requested the re-opening of this blog and also a BIG thank you to Andrew for accepting this request by re-opening the comments section. I’m sure it will be much appreciated by many users.

    To all users — Please respect the blog.

  228. another court hearinf for harmohinder kaur sanghera tomorrow.
    i am nable to go so if any of u people go can u plz write up what happened. Thankyou, Inshallah she will admit she is wrong and plead guilty.

  229. any news on the hearing?

  230. court case is on 13th november

  231. hearing on 13th novemer it is said the hearing will last for 10-15 days i hope everything comes out we all need pray for justice for sana and baby RIP.

  232. thank you so much andrew for acting upon my request… i hope everyone will respect this blog.
    there was meant to be a video link on the 13th oct but i have not heard anything about that.
    case starts on the 13th nov and hope to go to some days as i also have uni…i just hope sana gets justice and the culprit is punished.
    i didnt even feel right celebrating eid because of sana’s loss, and i’m not even related to her..i wonder how her family coped on eid, i wonder how they’r coping on an everyday basis..i think everyday what kind of person could be so cold blooded..
    R.I.P sana and baby xxx

  233. is that sikh girl pregnant? and if she is its probably sair’s baby as they were together, so how loyal was he to sana?? its jus sick to think about it. not only was sana pretty but still is (just because shes gone doesnt mean shes past tense), she was very decent too. which guy would wanna cheat on a pure muslim for some khafir? its just wrong


  235. mindy is being held on sufficient grounds. the public is never told until the hearing…but its common sense she wouldnt be held unless on reasonable grounds. if she wasnt being held on reasonable grounds then it would be breaching her human rights. i’m looking forward to the trial. u have to trust allah and then trust the system, justice will be done for sana. jannat naseeb ho sana and baby. xxx

  236. has anybody checked out the sana ali’s gone too soon website? where sair left a message under lost that acctually made me sick to the stomache when i read it! too little too late. cant wait for the 13th of Nov where the REAL truth will come out. Has he done a runner out of the country? or is he still sitting pretty?

  237. Sair is hiding in dubai. he is trying to start a new life there because he knows he is not welcome here. He has ruined so many peoples lives, including mindy and now he just runs away to spend Sanas life insurance money.

    He can run from us but he cannot run from Allah.

  238. he can run he can hide but he will never ever find peace and happiness in this life or the next he has destroyed so many lives he will pay because Allahs watching.

  239. He is not running nor is he hiding and nor is he spending sana’s insurance money. He will be back by the trial. Please do not post stuff on here unless you actually know what you are talking about.

  240. i am a very close friends of sair, the truth is that he loved sana very much and was over the moon about the pregnancy. He has been advised to take time out before the trial and as result has the left the country but will arrive for the trial. the police have immense evidence against mindy and are confident she will get convicted. sair had nothing to do with it. mindy definately did it and the world will see this in the trial. hopefully, mindy and her family will suffer the way sair and sana’s relatives have and always will. mindy applied for bail 3 times and all 3 times it has been refused-this says it all. lets pray she gets a punishment in this life as well as the next-which is without a doubt

  241. ok then what connection does sair have to mindy? why would anyone do that to a “STRANGER” what links did she have with sana or sair if you say that you know him very well can you atleast answer that? he might not have commited the crime but he certainly commited the sin

  242. no one has still answered my question, is mindy pregnant with sair’s baby? if so, doesnt that tell u anything??

  243. Sair may have said a few times that he loved Sana, he may have said he was over the moon about the pregnancy – but what a pack of lies all that was if the whole time he was involved in illicit affairs with MANY other women. Those who claim they know Sair – ask your very close friend how true that is – and if you do know and still are covering for him then you are not much different to him……

  244. Just to look at the bigger picture — mindy being arrested, mindy supposedly being pregnant, Sana’s death, the pain loss and grief to sana’s family, the mess caused in mindy’s family even the grief caused to Sair’s family…..these are just a few outcomes of the sins committed by Sair…he was the one married not mindy, he was the one exchanging vows with Sana, he was the one that promised Sana everything…but instead took away everything from her…..

  245. whats happeneing in mindy’s family?
    have they disowned her yet?

  246. Sair doesnt care about anyone. Do you know where he is now???
    I do, he is livin a life of luxury in Dubai. He is plannin to live there now, coz he knows he aint welcome here. Its alright 4 sum isnt it. As 4 mindy she has most probably already had her child…Who actually cares about her and her child anyway, we shud all just pray 4 sana and hope she gets justice so her soul can rest.

  247. does any1 hav a pic of mindy???

  248. y do u want to see her? shes any average sikh girl. she wasnt the most beautiful girl everyones going on about..if shes committed the crime then shes turned out to be the most ugliest person..allah forgive us for saying this, we shouldnt be judging people but if she has done this act then i hope mindy pays for this all her life. killing another human being is like killing the whole of mankind.. sana u beautiful girl. R.I.P both of u xxx

  249. wot does mindy look like?

  250. To whom posted “which guy would wanna cheat on a pure muslim for some khafir”. For you uneducated people out there & non – middle-eatern Muslims. You clearly do not know much about the Sikh religion. Us Arab Muslims believe in the Sikh religion (1) The Sikh holy book is made up of transcripts directly taken from the Quran. (2) All Pakistani Muslims were forcificly (via torture/rape/slavery) converted to Islam by the Mogul emperor. Hence you clearly cannot claim to be Pure Muslim. You have Pure Hindu blood. Some still carrying the same Hindu surnames especially Punjabi Muslims. Please don’t give us real Muslims the khafir jibe. You are merely Hindus dressed up as Muslims. Sikhs are closer to being Muslim than you will ever be. Guru Nanak travelled to Mecca by foot.He then translated some parts of Islam into a new religion. Today known as Sikhism. On his death Muslims fought with Hindus as they claimed that Nanak was a Muslim and deserved a Islamic burial. I hope this ends the silly arguments about religion. All you Pakistani/Indians have the same blood line. hence the same, by nature, mentality and culture. This is suppose to be a site to remember Sana and baby. Not a silly argument over religion. An affair is a sin. No matter who its with. A murder is a sin no matter who commits the crime. God is one and he will punish whoever is wrong. Religion plays no part in this trial. Mindy could have been a Muslim girl and Sair would still have married his cousin. The love would have never ended with Mindy when it started with Sana. This is what happens as a result of sin. Both Sana and Mindy have been caught up with what has been created by Sair. To love someone has never been a crime. As for the trial. Not guilty until charged. Mindy can be innocent!

  251. Well said!

  252. to the person above above me that isnt ending an arguement that is STARTING ONE! what the hell? that isnt even relevent to this blog!?! to let you know i am a pure muslim decendant of TRUE blood and i find your comment very offencive still cant be helped if your a delinciuent but lets not go into that! this blog is for sana and her unborn child ONLY please respect it and once again a big thankyou to andrew alison for re-opening it

  253. delinquent is spelt like this you “delinquent”! As for the above comments. I think it would be nice if everyone refrains from bringing religion into this blog. No matter how factual you want to be. Having read the blog from top to bottom So many comments bring up Khafir or Sikh or Muslim. So please everyone for the sake of all please please can everyone have some respect for each other & don’t lose focus. Sana & baby deserve more respect than what everyone is giving.

  254. Facts:- Mindy is not pregnant. She is still a virgin. I am at the same uni and Sair confided in someone I know from uni. Sair claims they never slept with each other. They both knew they could never get married. If anyone was in the room at the time and witnessed any sinful act. Please come forward. Or else please stop spreading rumours. It is hard enough for Sairs family to cope with a death. But to tarnish Sairs families reputation is not nice. His mum is in a bad way of all the rumours and bad talk that is going around. She needs peace and some closure on this. Every1 back off. Please wait for the trial in November. If Mindy is guilty she will go down & get what she deserves.
    Sana/baby RIP

  255. Mindys motive to murder is jealousy. This is the only link to the murder. No other person has any reason to murder Sana. She was young, decent and polite. Sair cannot possibly be involved. She was his cousin. He could never have done what everyone thinks no matter how much he wanted to be with Mindy. Sana was carrying his first child.

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