Andrew Allison

Why Hull flooded

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2007 at 4:28 pm

This is the lead story on the front page of the Hull Daily Mail. If this story is true it is shameful that the people of this area are suffering misery, inconvenience and distress so Hull City Council can save a measly £120,000.

The gross mismanagement of Hull City Council continues whether it is Labour or the Liberal Democrats in power. Neither party can get to grips with the city’s problems, although in fairness to the Lib Dems, Labour’s gross mismanagement for so many years has made their task much more difficult. My local councillor Carl Minns, who is the Lib Dem leader, has promised a full review. This is too little, too late. Saving £120,000 seems so silly compared with the estimated clean-up bill of £50 million

  1. Perhaps the people of Kingston Upon Hull should just let nature take its course and the sea can clean their gullies for them.

  2. That is one view I suppose, however are you suggesting the same for The Netherlands?

  3. Having visited both places I can say that being inundated is unlikely to improve The Netherlands, I’m not convinced the same can be said about Hull, it would certainly have saved the time and effort of demolishing all that unwanted housing stock.

  4. There is a lot of unwanted housing stock in Hull; that is true, however where I live there isn’t any unwanted housing stock and considering the thousands of people who have had their homes flooded at the beginning of this week, I would have to say that your comment is crass to say the least.

    I can only hope that your home is never flooded and you don’t have to endure the misery that I and many others are enduring at the moment. It is not just the inconvenience of the clean-up operation, it is having a house that is extremely difficult to sell and the thousands of pounds lost in the value of my home.

  5. Hmmm… my comments about Hull were intended to be tongue in cheek, I have some friends and acquaintances from Hull and I wouldn’t wish them real harm.

    My own home is less than 200 metres from a floodplain, I know this because it’s on the survey conducted when I bought it. Fortunately the nearby floodplain is in the valley and I’m on the sides so it’s unlikely I will be flooded, barring a flood of biblical proportions.

    It’s very sad when people’s homes are damaged, but what is more important is that they themselves are not harmed. Hopefully they will have insurance to recompense them.

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