Andrew Allison

The carpets are out & Gordon does his first PMQs

In Uncategorized on July 4, 2007 at 6:26 pm

ChemDry arrived nearly two hours late today, however they have removed the carpets and sprayed some form of chemical deodorant to try and make the place smell a little sweeter. The loss adjuster will be coming on Friday as I have already said, so hopefully next week we will be able to get things moving.

On another note, I was watching highlights of today’s PMQs and I must say Gordon didn’t too bad of a job. We all know he doesn’t have the charisma of Tony Blair, but we do have to let our new prime minister settle in to the job. I am concerned by what he said at the weekend about extending detention without charge to ninety days. It seems that whenever anything happens of a terrorist nature this government immediately goes in to ‘knee-jerk’ mode and our new prime minister seems to be of the same mode as his predecessor. Mr Brown still thinks that compulsory ID cards will work to stop this terrorist threat we all face. David Cameron was right to reiterate the facts to him today. ID cards would not have stopped the Madrid bombings, the 7/7 attacks on London or someone wanting to drive a car in to Glasgow airport. We should spend the money increasing security on our borders and give more to our overstretched security services, rather than wasting money on ID cards. It will be money well spent.


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