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Brown and the election

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2007 at 10:19 pm

I have blogged quite a bit about on this ‘will he or won’t he’ story. I just wish he would put us all out of our misery and just call an election or say he will not. When I say put us out of our misery, I am of course referring to the Conservative Party who are going to have an election drubbing. I think the Labour majority will be over 100; maybe even as high as 120.

I was discussing this with a friend a couple of days ago and we both thought that if the Conservative Party could turn back the clock nearly two years ago, they would elect David Davis as leader. I think my party has gone too far away from its roots. My friend told me about the literature sent out to him for the freshers fair at Hull University. All about green issues and social issues. Nothing about what Conservatism is all about. Personal choices, less state intervention, lower taxes, letting people get on with their lives. I am sorry to say this, but I was duped by David Cameron. I think he could be very at home in the Labour Party. He is trying to model himself on Tony Blair, and as we all know, the last thing the electorate wants is another Blair. The main reason for the fantastic council election results in May was that the electorate wanted to give Tony one final bloody nose before he left office.

I agree with Lord Tebbit. He said today Mr Cameron and his fellow Old Etonian colleagues were “intellectually clever but they have no experience of the world whatsoever”.
“He has spent much of his time in the Conservative Party and as a public relations guy. Well it’s not the experience of most people in the streets.

And the trouble is that is what most people in the streets think. Like him or loathe him, you have to admire Gordon Brown for his political ‘nous’. He has this next election sewn up if he takes the plunge and he will take down yet another leader of the Conservative Party. It would not surprise me if we were still in opposition in ten years from now. But where are the thrusting heavyweights? I don’t see any on the horizon, other than William Hague. I always likened Hague to Churchill. I know his day will come again and with the experiences he has gained since stepping down as leader, he will – hopefully – bring the Tory Party back to government. If anyone else can think of someone else and another way, then please comment and tell me.

Link: BBC News

  1. I am now surprised to find myself agreeing with something that Tebbit has said! I agree with you that Hague is a great politician – I do not agree with him on many things but he has ideals and is a match for anyone at the despatch box.

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