Andrew Allison

Putin’s plan

In Uncategorized on October 2, 2007 at 9:16 am

Once a KGB man, always a KGB man. I have always said that about Pres. Putin. I have also said he is as committed to democracy as I am to communism. After his latest antics, I have been proved correct again.

Putin has to stand down as Russian president at the next election as he cannot serve more than two consecutive terms. So now he plans to top the party’s list and become a member of Russia’s lower house and then become prime minister. He will then make sure a weak president is elected, continue to hold the real power and then seek election in four years time for another eight years. That will be a total of 20 years holding on to power is Russia.

This is the sort of delusions leaders get. They think their country cannot do without them. Putin is going to make sure his country will never have to try to for the foreseeable future.


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