Andrew Allison

More postal strikes

In Uncategorized on October 4, 2007 at 7:46 pm

Postal workers may fear they may lose their jobs, however in today’s marketplace they will just have to get used to competition like everyone else in the private sector. The series of strikes taking place at the moment will mean that many of us will not get any mail for a week and after that there will be delays. Furthermore, by striking many businesses will take their business to competitors of the Royal Mail and in turn make the jobs of postal workers more precarious.

Unions have to realise that we are not back in the 1970s. We no longer have a raft of publicly owned industries. Beer and sandwiches at No. 10 Downing Street are a thing of the past. We live in a global market place where both businesses and residential customers have choices. Hopefully this dispute will be settled soon. We cannot have the country’s postal network crippled.

  1. Only the other day you were complaining about post offices closing. Have some consistnecy, mate!

    Support the posties!

  2. Charlie: I do have consistancy. I want our post offices to stay open. I have a question for you. How will more strikes help keep post offices open? How will more strikes help keep the Royal Mail competetive?

  3. Royal Mail doesn’t need to be competitive. It should be a public service — and the only way it is going to remain a public service is if the postal workers can defeat the management and the government… How will they stay open if 40,000 posties are sacked? The government has engineered this situation because it was too difficult to privatise Royal Mail… and why would it do that?

    What does competitive mean? Better service — look at the trains! Cheaper for customers — have a loot at your gas, electricity, and water bills!

    Neither workers nor consumers benefit from privatised public services.

  4. If you get a pay offer that means your worse off in reality not theory (for me £30 per week) and that you wont know your starting and finishing times from day to day would you accept it. Under the flexibility they want to bring in you can be expected to work over 8 hrs on 1 day but because of annualised hours you would only be paid 8 for that day.

    We said sorry not a good offer please negotiate, Royal Mail said NO that is the only offer take it or leave it. So we went on strike in summer. Royal Mail came back and we nearly had an agreement. Then last minute they withdrew the offer nearly agreed and brought in more contentious proposals. We threatened to strike and they only came back to the table last minute, after the last episode would you trust them. If you think the strike is wrong put pressure on both sides not just one.

    Just to put my political position clearly, I have voted Conservative since turning 18 and am now in my mid 40s. Since seeing the practices carried out by Managers, with apparent support from your party, I will never vote Conservative again.

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