Andrew Allison

Portillo and Benn’s comments

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2007 at 4:16 pm

Michael Portillo is on Sky News at the moment. He has been saying – with a smile on his face – that Brown will never be trusted again by the media. He has been trying to portray the image of ‘spin free’ Downing Street, when we all know the opposite is true.

Portillo also said he has never seen such electoral volatility. The Conservatives went in to their conference 11 points behind Labour and less than a week later they are up 6 points. I am pleased to see the Conservative Party getting back on track. There is now a real chance of us forming the next government – whenever the election will be.

Tony Benn was also on Sky News. He commented on the disgrace of the Prime Minister being able to fix the date of a general election. ‘Even George Bush can’t do that’, he said. He is, of course, right and it’s about time we had fixed-term parliaments.

  1. I understand you being in favour of fixed terms, but (as with loans for lordships) the issue has only arisen because of Labour’s abuse of thie power.

  2. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. We must not get carried away but keep saying the same things we did at conference so it sinks in with the electorate.

  3. PT: I agree with you.
    Tony: I agree with you too.

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