Andrew Allison

Pre-Budget Report

In Alistair Darling, Blair, Brown on October 10, 2007 at 4:35 pm

After Gordon Brown’s last budget on March 21 I wrote THIS. After Alistair Darling’s pre-budget report yesterday, all I can say is nothing has changed. After listening to the report you have to delve through all the facts and figures and try and work out what he has actually said. The devil is in the detail.

Basically, if you own a small business, you are going to get clobbered. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of the British economy and this government sees them as fair game.

If you are a married couple your joint inheritance tax allowance will go up to £600, 000. If you already have a lawyer or an accountant, you and your partner can split your estate and claim that today.

At our conference last week, the Conservatives proposed simple, easy to understand, tax reforms. Alistair Darling took some of our ideas, added to them, and in true ‘New Labour’ style complicated them and then tried to hide tax increases in mountains of hyperbole.

What Darling and his mentor still don’t realise is the electorate are sick and tired of being lied to. They are fed up with the spin. They are fed up with tax increases being presented as tax reductions. They are beginning to realise that Brown’s tenure at Number 11 Downing Street was not as fantastic as he makes out it is. After nearly 15 years of uninterrupted economic growth, why are we still borrowing so much? Where has the money gone?

Gordon Brown had a very good start to his premiership. In just a few days all of this has unravelled. We have them on the ropes now. Roll on the next Conservative government.


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