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Visions of Bradford – my reply

In Uncategorized on October 14, 2007 at 1:21 pm

I was looking through some blogs yesterday and discovered a reference to me in the ‘Visions of Bradford blog.’ He was referring to a post of mine from July this year. This is what he had to say:

‘Another rather conservative blog, not bad enough to frighten the liberals but it does have one glaring example to demonstrate the woeful state of the education sytem “None of my neighbours or myself were told by the builders we were buying houses on a flood plain and built on marsh land”. Errr hold on a minute there look at yer local river and work out whether you are more than a couple of metres above the water-level and it’s obvious. Relying on someone to tell you something so darn obvious smacks too much of the nanny-state for a real conservative to me. Now I only did O-level geography but it was enough to teach me enough about flood plains to recognise one when I walk on it and if I remember correctly this topic was covered in the compulsory years. Poor old chap must be the product of a secondary modern.’

This was my reply to him:

‘I hadn’t realised you had a go about me back in July. Where I live is much higher than two metres above the River Hull. The flooding was caused because the water table across the city got dangerously high and the main pump in the pumping station failed at the critical moment. The water then came through the floor. There are places in Hull that flooded, where flooding has never been seen before. Before you start publishing petty insults, get your facts straight.’

Upon reflection, I think my response might have been a little hasty, and giving him the benefit of the doubt, I would like to inform everyone about where I live and exactly what happened on June 25 this year.

Anyone who knows the city, will know the River Hull is hardly the River Thames. It is a small river that now – thanks to the flood defences in Hull – seldom floods. When it does flood, the flooding is so small, there aren’t any businesses or homes affected. My home is over a mile away from the River Hull and it certainly a good deal higher than two metres. The problem on June 25 was that hundreds of properties were built on marsh land. The rain started in the early hours, and by the time I was up and about at around 8.30am, the signs of flooding were beginning to show. The rain was heavy and prolonged and lasted in excess of twelve hours. I certainly have never seen rain like it. As the water table began to rise throughout the city, more and more areas flooded. As it rose to a critical level where I live, the main pump at the local pumping station broke down. It caused the water level to rise very quickly in the space of an hour.

So, Visions of Bradford, it was not because I lived on a flood plain that caused flooding and if you come and see how many properties have been built over the years, without being flooded, then you will see why the majority of people didn’t think they were at risk. The problem was marsh land, which we were not informed about. And if the pump had kept on working, I and many others would not have been flooded.

Perhaps the author of the ‘Visions of Bradford’ blog is intellectually superior to me. Perhaps he is intellectually superior to everyone else in ‘Blogpower‘. It is not for me to say, however there are two points I wish to make.

Firstly, there are two ways you can use your intellect. You can use it to help others, to inform and to educate. Or you can use it like a stick, to come down on others to show them what a brilliant mind you have. Those in the latter group – in my experience – are seldom as brilliant as they would have you believe.

Secondly, in ‘Blogpower‘ we are there to help each other, to make the odd comment on each others’ blogs. We publicise stories on each others’ blogs. What we do not do is insult each other from the sideline, like a second or third rate commentator trying to make a name from themselves.

‘Visions of Bradford’ is entitled to his opinions, just as much as the rest of us, however, which category do you think he falls into?

  1. Good reply Andrew.

  2. I suspect that VOB is one of those people who enjoy winding others up. His Blogpower reviews have been rather acerbic and he slagged me off at one point in a defending the blog comment for no obvious reason.

    I work in Bradford and wonder if our paths will ever cross. The thing is, I’m a public domain blogger and he is an anon one so I may well have walked past him anyway and wouldn’t know.

  3. Nice use of your intellect there to help others, inform and educate Andrew. I shall drop by for more of the same asap.

  4. Yes, well done.

  5. he’s an ass Andrew, good reply to him, but I just stopped visiting 🙂

  6. “Firstly, there are two ways you can use your intellect. You can use it to help others, to inform and to educate. Or you can use it like a stick, to come down on others to show them what a brilliant mind you have. ”

    Says “ex-regen nazi Mallinson.” (You must be used this insult by now – you should here what your enemies call you).

    Actually there are many more ways. Trust someone who held a senior management position in CBMDC to think there are only two. For instance…

    Way Three: using intellect to expose the hopeless bungling incompetence that prevails in CBMDC’s attempts to improve Bradford.

    Way Four: using intellect to determine why CBMDC has never succeeded in the above mentioned attempts.

    Way Five: using intellect to expose the activities of CBMDC’s senior management. And try and find out why they are never called to account. Wouldn’t it be nice to name names? To publish details of the dodgy deals with developers; the planning applications that were given retrospective clearance; the waste of mega millions on toytown visions of the city that will never happen. Just for starters. Wouldn’t it be nice to sack these people?
    To strip them of their fat, juicy ratepayers-paid pensions? To give them the full glare of investigative publicity? Wouldn’t it be nice…

    Ways Six and upwards available on request.

    And – “which category does the author of Visions of Bradford” belong to. Way Nine of course.

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