Andrew Allison

Ming must have been knifed

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2007 at 6:16 pm

Listening to the long line of Lib Dem MPs praising Ming Campbell, I now realise that he has been knifed. Brilliant leader, great statesman, etc. This is a particularly brutal departure. Why couldn’t he have had a swansong on Wednesday at PMQs? I can hardly imagine Vince Cable – the acting leader – being scintillating this week. If he was so brilliant, then why not give him his last hurrah?

Ming Campbell is too nice to be a party leader. He is too much of a gentleman. He doesn’t have a cutting edge; an ability to go for the jugular. His departure will worry the Conservatives and Labour, as a resurgent Liberal Democrat Party will take away support from both the main parties. The Tories in the East Riding of Yorkshire pummeled the Lib Dems at the local elections last May, and I think that in local government, the Conservatives have gone about as far as they can. With such a high number of councils and councillors, we must be reaching or have reached the ceiling.

The one thing that is not in question is that the Lib Dems fortunes cannot get any worse than they are now. The only way is up. The local elections next May will be the acid test for the new leader – whoever he will be.

  1. Well it is bad for the Tories that they may get a new leader.

    On the other hand if we are lucky they will shift to the left with Chris huhne and really hit Labour.

    Things can always get worse, btw.

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