Andrew Allison

MPs to have more time off

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2007 at 4:27 pm

MPs might have more leisure time this coming year; a total of ninety days off. This is because the government will not have enough legislation to put before parliament.

Not enough legislation? This is novel for Labour, however it sounds like a great idea to me. But why should MPs have more time off? Surely select committees can still hold the executive to account, and surely MPs could have a look at some old, outdated legislation and remove it from the statute book. They could also have a few more set piece debates, holding the executive to account.

We all know that none of these things will happen as Brown & co don’t want to be shown up anymore than they are already and the thought of less laws, rules and regulations would get them breaking out into a cold sweat and give them sleepless nights. Giving MPs more time off is a waste of taxpayers money, but the government aren’t bothered about wasting that, are they?

  1. Those are indeed very good suggestions Andrew.

  2. If MPs are short of work, they need their heads examining when the rest of us have to live with our failing schools, hospitals and public transport. Can’t they also do something about climate change?

  3. jmb: Thank you
    Ellee: I agree entirely with you. This is what I meant by set-piece debates. MPs could then hold the government to account on failing schools, hospitals, public transport, etc.

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