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In Blogpower on October 20, 2007 at 12:19 pm

A Conservative’s Blog

Benedict White writes that ‘this is my blog to explain why I am a member of the UK’s Conservative Party and my political thoughts.’

Benedict and I think very much along the same lines and indeed looking through many of his posts, we seem to blog about the same things. I like his easy writing style and his analysis of the failings of New Labour is spot on. His blog is easy to navigate and you can easily read his catalogue of previous posts. Benedict lives in Mid Sussex, and his local MP is Winston Churchill’s grandson, Nicholas Soames. He also links to another blog he writes called ‘A Geeks Blog’, although at the time of writing he hasn’t made an entry there since March of this year. Please keep on writing this blog though Benedict. Blogpower is all the better for having you.

A Young Conservative

I first came across William Burstow a few months before he joined us in Blogpower. He describes himself as ‘18, male, proud Briton, Unionist, Conservative, student, football supporter, blogger, singer, music addict, general politico. Also enjoys philosophy.’

Will is a young man with a big future. He is not afraid to go for the jugular and can be equally critical of his own party as he is of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. He hasn’t had the time to blog as much as would like to this year, but when he does it is well worth the wait. He is also going to do the odd guest post for me when I go on holiday this week. If you haven’t done so already, go and check him out.

Adelaide Green Porridge Café

Colin Campbell describes his blog as ‘random musings from Adelaide, South Australia – a nice place to live.’

Colin is a Scot who lives in Adelaide with his Australian partner, his two children, and a vast array of pets. It must be like a zoo in his house! He writes about his family, Australia, and doesn’t forget his native Scotland and must be very happy about the up-turn in the fortunes of the Scottish football team. He has been a member of our co-operative for a long time now, and we all enjoy the glimpses he gives us of life in Australia and makes us jealous too; especially when you look at your car covered in ice, as I did this morning, and think of the warmth and sunshine in South Australia at this time of the year. A fine blog.

  1. Thanks for that Andrew. I laughed about the icy windows. I am not sure whether I would hate that more or my wife complaining about it. It has been almost 15 years since I had to do that.

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