Andrew Allison


In Brown, Cameron, PMQs on October 24, 2007 at 9:47 pm

Gordon Brown will be glad of the rest from PMQs. The State Opening of Parliament has come at just the right time. Once again he shows how rattled he gets when David Cameron turns up the heat. Cameron on the other hand how cool he is on the big occasion. As the months roll by, the voters will be able to judge for themselves which one they think is the better leader; someone who is easily rattled or someone who is cool in a crisis.

We may have been glad to see the end of Tony Blair, but we all know how he would have reacted to David Cameron during their exchanges in the past three weeks. At the very least, we could have confidence that Blair was a cool head when a cool head was needed. Since the wheels have started to come off the Brown premiership, we no longer have the confidence our new prime minister will react in the same way. Cameron is looking more prime ministerial and his front bench team are looking more like ministers. More of the same please.

  1. It’s interesting; Brown never seemed to get rattled when he was Chancellor, and now he’s started to lose it twice in the space of three (?) weeks. I wonder whether he feels a whole lot less in control of his brif now, or whether he’s just not handling the pressure.
    Either way, we shouldn’t under-estimate this guy. He didn’t get to be PM by buckling the minute things got hard. I suspect we’ll see see him perform better as the months go by. The other thing is that many people really don’t give a monkey’s about PMQ’s; William Hague regularly took TB to the cleaners and it never did him any good !
    That said, there is clearly a chink in the Brown armour, and Cameron’s dead right to try and exploit it.

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