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Harriet’s guilty as hell

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According to Iain Dale, Harriet Harman is about to admit that she did extend the mortgage to help finance her campaign. Well, well, well. There was a time when government minister would have resigned over a matter like this, but I can’t see Harman doing so. If Brown has any guts at all he should fire her from her cabinet post and the Labour hierarchy should lean on her to resign as Deputy Leader too. It is people like her who bring politicians of all parties in to disrepute.

Brown’s approval down to 23%

In Brown on November 30, 2007 at 5:31 pm

Looking over the YouGov poll in the Telegraph today, a few things jumped out at me. Gordon Brown’s approval rating is 23%. I didn’t think it could get much lower when it was 10 points higher a month ago. Even George Bush can manage 33%.

On key questions of government competence, the vast majority of those polled thought the government was poor or very poor; and they also thought that the government team was ‘lightweight.’

This poll must be the worst for any sitting government since opinion polling began; and that is not an exaggeration.

Hat Tip: Shane Greer

Gordon ‘Bean’ Brown

In Brown on November 30, 2007 at 5:27 pm

I got this picture from Andrew Percy, the prospective Conservative candidate for Brigg and Goole. You have to laugh!

Labour woes, part…? I’ve lost count.

In Brown, Cameron, Conservatives, labour on November 29, 2007 at 10:40 pm

And so it goes on. I said yesterday that Brown come become the most embattled prime minister in recent history. With events moving so fast, I think he has become just that.

An opinion poll in the Telegraph tomorrow puts the Conservatives 11 points ahead of Labour – 43 to 32. Two months ago, Labour enjoyed the same lead. The Met will be feeling the collars of Gordon Brown and his entourage. Harriet Harman has failed to register loans she received to help fund her campaign for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party. Peter Hain has admitted he has not declared £5000.

Iain Dale predicts Harman will be gone by Monday. I think he is right. If she has any honour, she will resign as Deputy Leader and resign as Leader of the House of Commons before she is pushed. She has so clearly broken the law. If a Tory had done that, I can just hear the condescending platitudes emanating from her. She will now have to swallow some harsh medicine. With worries that the economy it set for a downturn and Brown’s crisis management non-existent, Labour must now realise that their time in power is coming to an end; and it can’t come soon enough.

More trouble for Brown

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Life doesn’t get any better for Gordon Brown, does it? As he and his government lurch from one crisis to another, his political future and credibility rests in his hands. You can’t blame everything that goes wrong on him, but as I noted a few days ago, he is not coated in Teflon like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

David Cameron, during PMQs today, told him he was not cut out for the job he has wanted for over a decade. If this theme runs, he may just become the most embattled prime minister in recent history.

Acting LibDem leader, Vince Cable, said that in a few weeks Brown had gone from Stalin to Mr Bean. I think Brown will be reminded of that quote for quite some time.

His problems all stem from his dithering. If he had gone to the polls when he should have done, I believe he would have had a mandate for five years and he could have ridden any storm knowing there wasn’t any pressure on him to call an election. If he continues to stumble from one crisis to another and the opposition parties can continue to exert pressure and exploit his many weaknesses, he may be forced to call an election earlier than expected. If he doesn’t, he will condemn his party to as big a drubbing as John Major’s Conservative Party in 1997.

A new motto for Scotland

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There is a popular misconception that Scots are tight with their money; although after listening to an interview with Sean Connery, you can understand how these misconceptions arise. Alex Salmond, however, proves that when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money, he is prepared to splash out.

He wanted a new motto for Scotland and spent £100K on getting one. What is it you ask? “Welcome to Scotland.” I think I need to get in to the motto writing business.

Amy Winehouse

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You get told before the show has started, that your favourite uncle died at dawn. More than that your Ma and Pa have parted, your broken hearted, but still go on.

Yes, there’s no business like showbusiness, but unfortunately for Amy Winehouse, she simply cannot continue her tour without her hubby, who is remanded in custody at the moment.

Showbusiness ain’t what it used to be!

Oxford Union Debate.

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Last night was a victory for free speech. Nick Griffin and David Irving hold views that I abhor and I would love to debate with them. It is the way we do things. Resigning from the Oxford Union – as one Tory MP did – shows political correctness gone mad and more than a hint of ‘I know what’s best for you.’

I would not provide links for them on my blog, as blogging is not debating, but if you want people like these to be exposed for what they are, you have to debate with them. Apparently the debate was balanced and enlightening. I just wish I had been there.

LibDem Defection

In Conservatives, LibDems on November 26, 2007 at 2:57 pm

In recent months, other parties have tried to portray the Conservative Party as the nasty, bigoted, racist party. I know there are those who will be all three, but that goes for any party or organisation.

Sajjad Karim – a LibDem MEP – has defected to the Conservatives and has spoken of how impressed he is with David Cameron’s views on immigration. He described them as sensible, rational and positive.

Of course, the LibDems not being very happy with him have stated that the reason he has defected is because he is only second on their candidates list for the North West Region at the next Euro election. Well, if they believe that, they believe in flying pigs. No-one switches party on that sort of a whim.

It proves that the Conservative Party is an all inclusive party for everyone in Britain. Welcome aboard Mr Karim

The wheels are coming off Mr Brown.

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We all had a good time in London at the weekend. We went to the Tower of London, a brief look inside Parliament and a visit to the Queen’s gallery at Buckingham Palace.

I’m still catching up on the news, but I notice once again Gordon Brown is showing he is nothing like ‘Teflon Man’ Tony Blair. The man seems to attract everything that is flying around him. If I was a Labour MP I would be getting very worried at the moment. This definitely seems like the start of the wheels coming off the Labour juggernaut. The public see Brown and his team as weak. Unfortunately, he is not a Chairman or CEO of a major organisation, who can be given the push early by the shareholders. The electorate must wait. Who knows how much more damage he will have inflicted on Britain by then.