Andrew Allison

Gordon Brown

In Brown on November 3, 2007 at 9:45 pm

At the beginning of January I wrote this:

Read here what Gordon Brown’s vision is. If I have read him right, he believes in smaller government and the servant state.

This is the chancellor who wants – and indeed does – tax us more. The man who believes in the state interfering more in our lives, rather than less. I can feel a general election coming very shortly. This has to be a ploy to con the electorate in to thinking he is somehow different than the rest of the Labour Party, and different to his past too.

How many people does he think he can fool in to thinking he has had a ‘Road to Damascus’ experience? Listening to people? You have only done that at election time and then conveniently forgotten what you were told.How many more lies is he going to tell?

I don’t think Brown has changed, do you?


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