Andrew Allison

Cameron on ‘Parky’

In Cameron on November 11, 2007 at 2:05 pm

I watched David Cameron being interviewed by Michael Parkinson on the television last night. He told a very funny story which you can read here.

He may have had the finest education money can buy and have come from a privileged background, but he has the common touch and this is a huge advantage for the Conservative Party. I couldn’t imagine Gordon Brown being as comfortable on a show like that. After his disastrous appearance on Jonathan Ross’s show some time ago, Cameron opened up to the warm interviewing style of ‘Parky’ and interacted well with the other guests. Being on that show has given Cameron a chance to communicate with sections of the British public who would never watch a political interview; and he succeeded. Good on him.

  1. I think he can be quite charismatic.

  2. Most “common” people would not be at ease on a show like Parkinson. Cameron has the confidence born of a privileged background.

    Only tories who are out of touch with ordinary people would call his charm the common touch!

    David Cameron is just like Tony Blair. Both are good confident actors because of their privileged background.

    I don’t know whether Gordon Brown will be any different from Blair or whether he will stand up for the common people but he is worth ten David Camerons.

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