Andrew Allison

Oxford Union Debate.

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2007 at 7:40 pm

Last night was a victory for free speech. Nick Griffin and David Irving hold views that I abhor and I would love to debate with them. It is the way we do things. Resigning from the Oxford Union – as one Tory MP did – shows political correctness gone mad and more than a hint of ‘I know what’s best for you.’

I would not provide links for them on my blog, as blogging is not debating, but if you want people like these to be exposed for what they are, you have to debate with them. Apparently the debate was balanced and enlightening. I just wish I had been there.

  1. Yeah, well said, Andrew. It’s a pity the police let in the 30-odd thugs who managed to disrupt things.
    And as for Julian Lewis MP, I was seriously, seriously disappointed.

  2. Thanks for that Womble. I couldn’t remember Julian Lewis’s name, although considering I had never heard of him before, I couldn’t be bothered to look his name up.

  3. I met him once years ago. He was very hot on the nuclear weapons debate in the 80s. He spoke very well about the need for a strong defence to protect our freedom. If I were to hear him speak now, I’d be asking him what’s the point of a strong defence if you’re prepared to fritter away the freedoms it’s designed to protect ?

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