Andrew Allison

More trouble for Brown

In Uncategorized on November 28, 2007 at 5:43 pm

Life doesn’t get any better for Gordon Brown, does it? As he and his government lurch from one crisis to another, his political future and credibility rests in his hands. You can’t blame everything that goes wrong on him, but as I noted a few days ago, he is not coated in Teflon like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

David Cameron, during PMQs today, told him he was not cut out for the job he has wanted for over a decade. If this theme runs, he may just become the most embattled prime minister in recent history.

Acting LibDem leader, Vince Cable, said that in a few weeks Brown had gone from Stalin to Mr Bean. I think Brown will be reminded of that quote for quite some time.

His problems all stem from his dithering. If he had gone to the polls when he should have done, I believe he would have had a mandate for five years and he could have ridden any storm knowing there wasn’t any pressure on him to call an election. If he continues to stumble from one crisis to another and the opposition parties can continue to exert pressure and exploit his many weaknesses, he may be forced to call an election earlier than expected. If he doesn’t, he will condemn his party to as big a drubbing as John Major’s Conservative Party in 1997.

  1. Brown had better get used to it, he has a couple more years of it to follow, unless he goes to the country before.

  2. im sorry if im barging in on this blog but could you please please pleas open the sana ali blog

  3. Elle: Maybe Labour MPs seeing the wriing on the wall will vote for an early decapitation in a confidence vote.

    Anon: Sorry, I have not changed my mind. I have given you an alternative that I will gladly publicise.

  4. hello andrew! i have been away for some time and i went onto my favorites and the blog has of sana ali has seemed to be closed down. Why?
    Write back

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