Andrew Allison

Harriet’s guilty as hell

In Uncategorized on November 30, 2007 at 6:31 pm

According to Iain Dale, Harriet Harman is about to admit that she did extend the mortgage to help finance her campaign. Well, well, well. There was a time when government minister would have resigned over a matter like this, but I can’t see Harman doing so. If Brown has any guts at all he should fire her from her cabinet post and the Labour hierarchy should lean on her to resign as Deputy Leader too. It is people like her who bring politicians of all parties in to disrepute.

  1. i saw the brown press conference wednesday, and it was, from my perspective, the effort of a man with lots to hide.

    it seemed to defy credulity that no one in the government knew who was behind the “washed” money…and the most telling moment seemd to be brown saying that he had no idea how the man that he did not know as a donor was able to enjoy so much access.

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