Andrew Allison

No extra cash for Hull’s Roads

In Uncategorized on January 2, 2008 at 11:05 pm

If you ever drive though Hull, the one thing you will have to prepared for is a bumpy ride. The city’s streets are in a terrible state of repair. Roughly a quarter of the city is traffic calmed too. All in all, motor manufacturers should road test their cars here. The suspension will get a good test.

The government has a pot of £600 million set aside for road improvements for the next 25 years, through Private Finance Initiatives. If you live in York, Sheffield, Hounslow, Newcastle, Redbridge or the Isle of Wight, you are in luck. You may have to put up with road works for goodness knows how long, but you should be in for a smooth ride. Hull, on the other hand, will not receive a penny.

The city is in dire need of investment. The flooding last year only made things worse. The government will not reimburse Hull City Council properly for the costs they incurred during those floods and now they will not provide any extra cash for the road infrastructure either. The Leader of Hull City Council, Carl Minns, has described Hull as the forgotten city. It seems once again the city is going to be overlooked. The voters of the city have already given a resounding message to Labour at the ballot box, and I imagine at the local elections this May, Brown and Co will given another bloody nose.

  1. This seems to me to come down to UK money v EU finance. The latter is in abundance for white elephants and grandiose projects but the former is becomng less and less in real terms, from a moribund political entity – Westminster.

  2. I agree, James. After all these years of record eceonomic growth, where has all the money gone?

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