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A Christmas Tale

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Steve Green at Daily Referendum has this little ditty on his blog. You’ll laugh.


A return to the 70s?

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The government bail out of Northern Rock is costing taxpayers £1800 each. It could well be nationalised

Bin Men in Hull are unhappy about their pay and conditions, and may possibly take industrial action.

Bin Men on strike and nationalisation; doesn’t this remind you of Labour many years ago?

Hull Floods Bill highest in the country

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The Audit Commission have revealed that the floods bill for Hull City Council will be £51.43m; the highest in the country. The council will have to find £36.51m of that bill.

One of the reasons the bill is so high is that the council has had to fork out around £10m to repair council homes affected by the flooding.

Meanwhile the government bails out Northern Rock with billions of pounds worth of taxpayers’ money, but will not even come close to paying the bill facing the council tax payers of Hull: £36.51m is peanuts in comparison. I have had the misfortune of being flooded; my insurance bill will increase dramatically and now I will have to pay more council tax and possibly face a reduction in council services.

Thank you Mr Brown for all your help, but then you know already that the voters in this city will misguidedly elect three Labour MPs at the next election. We really have been pissed on from a great height.

US Politics

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One of the many things about American politics that fascinates me, is the way you can hear two men ‘slug it out’ on a televised debate; hurl insults and general vitriol at each other and then discover they are both members of the same party.

After the debate – if you want to call it a debate – between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, I am convinced that neither of them are fit to become President of the United States. With all the problems that beset America at the moment, they think it’s worth spending time attacking each others’ religious views. Huckabee is an ordained Baptist minister and Romney is a Mormon and the former suggested that Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers.

The level of debate in the UK is not very high at times, but at least it hasn’t sunk that low.

EU Treaty

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Brown turns up late and signs the treaty. Now it’s gloves off time. The British people are demanding they have their say in a referendum and nothing short of that will do.

That’s all.

PM ousted

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The prime minister of the Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare, has been ousted in a vote of no-confidence.

We can only dream!

Link: BBC News

Police Federation calls for Smith to resign

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2007 at 11:16 pm

The Police Federation have called for the Home Secretary to resign. They say they have no confidence in Jaqui Smith’s ability to deal with their pay or conditions.

Is there anything this government can handle properly? For the Police Federation to call for her resignation and call a likely ballot of members as to whether they want the right to strike, shows how low the morale is amongst police officers.

For the rest of us; we want the Home Secretary to resign because we don’t have any confidence in her full-stop. And while we are still talking about people resigning, perhaps the whole cabinet should be thinking about their positions. Are any of them competent?


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…for the lack of blogging lately. God still won’t give me a 40 hour day. I will get back soon when I can fit everything into 24 hours.

The Nativity

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Would you Adam & Eve it; or more appropriately, would you Mary & Joseph it? If I recall, Mary & Joseph had to go to Bethlehem, in Judea, to register their names in a census. That’s the gist of it anyway. The only reason they could not find accommodation for the night, was because they arrived late and all the rooms were taken. Simple as that.

Could anyone tell me then what that has to do with asylum seekers entering Britain illegally and then being turned away from these shores. Nothing? I would agree; unfortunately the BBC do not.

Iain Dale has referred to an article from The Spectator which reports ‘the BBC making a new version of the Nativity, with Jesus and Mary as asylum seekers turned away by Britain.’

Just like Iain, I will let you draw your own conclusions, however I would like to ask one question: Is this a dig at Christianity or do the BBC think everyone who tries to enter Britain should be allowed to stay indefinitely? I can’t make my mind up.


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After the Oxford Union debate recently with Nick Griffin and David Irving, many column inches and air time have been devoted to the subject of free speech. Readers know where I stand on this issue, so I won’t articulate my views again.

I have just been reading one of my favourite blogs – The Norfolk Blogger – and discover that Ofcom have granted a temporary licence to an Islamic radio station who broadcast good luck messages to some of Britain’s most dangerous terrorists.

Do I hear government ministers denouncing this? No. What we hear instead is the government attempting to raise detention without charge to 42 days and ministers pronouncing that the views of the BNP and David Irving do not have he right to be articulated in a public forum.

When will this government get serious about tackling terrorism? When will they stop playing lip service to the problem? Allow intercept evidence to be used in terror cases. Give the police and security services the adequate resources they need to do their job; and for crying out loud make sure radio stations and websites that advocate terrorism are shut down and the perpetrators are brought to trail.